Date: 15/01/2013

What needs to be passed on widely is an understanding of Prime Minister Maimoona Begum's wrath against Field Marshal Maneckshaw.

It was due to the bold and sharp personality of the Field Marshal who could not be pushed around or bullied by an arrogant Maimoona Begum, the Prime Minister. (Sadly so many ignorant or timid Indians still call her "Mrs Indira Gandhi!", comparing her to Hindu god Indira).
Field Marshal Maneckshaw KNEW her true identity, that she was a convert to ISLAM since her Nikah to Feroze KHAN.

Like her father Jawaharlal Nehru, she, too, was not a patriot who would love and serve the interests of Hindusthan. (Can anybody recall Nehru shedding a tear over the loss of five provinces of India and the death of millions of Hindus?)

We must give Maneckshaw full credit for his courage to call a spade a spade. Just compare him to today's PM, the cabinet, the Supreme Commander and all the Indian "COOLIE" media who, like bungling, "be-waqoof" servants, keep saying "Indiraji".

In the same subservient way India's RULING establishment treats SONIA Maino-Gandhi today as if she had obtained security clearance before taking up residence in Prime Minister's house after marrying Rajiv, son of Feroze Khan, or embraced Hindu Faith, or went to Nepal for pilgrimage to Pashupati Temple in Kathmandu or even spoke in favour of reconstruction of the historic Temple in Ayodhya! Has anyone told her as to why there are MUSLIMS in Partitioned India?
Field Marshal Maneckshaw of Gurkha Regiment, was fearless in dealing with the so-called "superior" civil bosses. None else before or since spoke to the prime minister like him. Here are a couple of instances:

When the war in East Pakistan entered the third day, the Prime Minister got worried and suggested a "cease fire" to Maneckshaw. He said bluntly, "I do not wish to repeat the blunder of your father in Kashmir!" Maimoona Begum was very unhappy seeing the casualties rising in the Pakistani army. To her Muslims were "brothers" and the Hindu soldiers "infidels" who deserved to be hebeaded but not glorified.

When she tried to dictate military moves in battle-field the Field Marshal was again in his element. He said, "I am a professional soldier and do not wish any interference in the way I conduct the war."

We all saw how professional our own top generals were during Kargil battle. THEY INTERFERED DAILY WITH MILITARY TACTICS. They kept the Air Force grounded to avoid casualties of enemy troops. They insisted on FRONTAL attacks up the steep mountain slopes (to ensure more deaths of our Jawans), instead of bypassig the enemy.

And they did not approve of a para drop behind enemy lines like the CHINDITS in Burma by Major General Orde Wingate DSO (February 1943 and March 1944).
The result was excessive deaths of our brave Jawans.

Our generals are loyal to the superior civil authority but do not realise or understand that loyalty to despicable bungling, corrupt and immoral politicians becomes immoral and often leads to disaster or defeat as in the case of German generals in 1945.
The Oath of Loyalty of an upright soldier is valid and binding ONLY if taken to a patriotic, honest, loyal and morally upright civil authoirty but NOT to crooks and thieves who can readily BETRAY the army and even push the soldiers into disaster as we saw NEHRU's character and integrity in 1962 when 7th Infantry Brigade was wiped out.

Our armed forces must put the incorrigibly corrupt Governmnet of India "in the bag" first, before going out to fight the enemy.
16 Mar 13.