Date: 28/03/2013

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Hindus will only be safe in the hands of national leaders like Narendra Modi and Subramaniam Swamy. There is no Hindu unity and we are divided by language, caste, community and creed not to speak of prosperity. But all Muslims are united and stand shoulder to shoulder. No way we can reverse the trend and the population may go up with the influx of refugees from Mayanmar.

I am disappointed that the erstwhile NDA Government headed by BJP that acted like a B team of Congress and did nothing for Hindus- be they Kashmiri Pandits, Ayodhya for want of numbers. Media is in their hands and we may need a pro Hindu national newspaper and television to start with. We have to win the support of Jews in the act.

Are you aware that no Hindu can enter a hamlet or a village near Kizhakarai in Tamil Nadu as these panchayats are controlled by them? There are pockets of mini Pakistan in Kottai Medu in Coimbatore and in Kerala E Ahamad is creating a separate Muslim state independent of India with the support and blessings of all Gulf nations. Cows are slaughtered every day in Chennai and every restaurant serves beef in Chennai of late and The Hindu publishes review of beef korma served in some restaurants shamelessly.

The earlier the Congress goes the better for us but lets pray the next government at least understand the plight of Hindus and protect them rather than using them as vote banks
We need to train one million Hindu youth catch them young in schools and train them to be xx