Date: 25/09/2014

Date: Wed, Sep 24, 2014 at 7:25 PM

under your flag India has beaten WORLD RECORD in putting an orbiting satellite around Mars for the first time, an act, rather achievement, of which every Indian, especially Hindu, is mighty proud.

While the world is busy CONGRATULATING the new prime minister as well as the Indian scientists and the present POST-DYNASTY government of Bharat, there are always despicable, malicious, petty minds who are burning inside like charcoal with jealousy.

One of them is DIGVIJAYA SINGH, the die-hard supporter of Italian MAFIA that has still to declare where the BOFORS' commission is deposited.

He couldn't have shown himself to be more FOOLISH than by saying, "The Mars mission was Nehru's vision."

Times are long gone when anyone under "Gandhi Topee" could get away even with murder, blasphemy and scam. Now the public have guts, brain and MEMORY to remind SINGH of Nehru's vision.

Jawaharlal Nehru, being the illegitimate son of a Muslim, was keen on handing back the whole of India to the Muslims, quoting 1857 when Delhi was under Bahadur Shah Zafar, the last Muslim emperor of Hindusthan.

"Muslims are the legitimate heirs to Hindusthan," Nehru told the Viceroy.

Mountbatten was aghast and replied, "Technically you are right, Jawahar, but realistically your vision is impossible to realise."

Mountbatten continued, "Moguls came by SWORD, KORAN & FIRE but we are departing by head count under the new norms of democracy.

"But to accommodate your VISION, we shall take out all the MUSLIM MAJORITY areas and give them to Mohammed Ali Jinnah to recreate his MOGUL EMPIRE in Pakistan. That should please you."

A disappointed Nehru thanked the Viceroy and said, "But Your Excellency, do not insist on population exchange or Referendum. Let the tiny flame of my hope keep burning."

A crestfallen Nehru left the Viceroy's House, seeing his vision refuted. He had agreed to Viceroy's proposed action (Partition of India) but could not sleep peacefully till NORTH KASHMIR was surrendered to his Muslim "brothers".

Digvijaya Singh now wants to see the PROOF of what we have said above. So here it is:

Mr Singh, the proof of Nehru's VISION is the present disgusting truncated map of your country of birth, Bharat.

Compare it with the pre-Partition map. But how would you KNOW Nehru's vision if you never (never ever) uttered the word "PARTITION"?

But don't worry, Mr Digvijaya Singh, WE, THE PEOPLE OF BHARAT, know fully well as to why NEHRU did not wish to have a Referendum. He saw us every night in his NIGHTMARES.

Had he demanded Referendum over PARTITION we would have cut his vision short, like his balls, within minutes.

A humble request to the one billion Hindus: "Dear brothers and sisters, time has come to dump the relics of NEHRU like Digvijaya Singh, Sonia Maino and Akbaruddin Oweisi, and march forward under the leadership of "Son of Soil" Narendra Modi whose VISION replaces that of Nehru 100 per cent! Mr Modi is already showing the world the proof!


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(NB: Mr D. Singh will not be satisfied with just one rebuttal. He is too loyal to D. (dirty) Dynasty and C. (CORRUPT) Congress, the Party of Pee (Partition) and SCAMS.)