Date: 28/03/2013

Subj: Rohingya-Moslems of Myanmar, the illegal-migrants from Bangladesh
1. Despite spartan efforts of the government of Myanmar & of its army, sectarian clashes between the Buddhist & Moslem populations of Myanmar, appear to be spsreading rather than diminish & die out. Moslems of Myanmar are mostly Rohingya-Moslems, who are regarded by the Buddhists of Myanmar, as the problem people, because they are illegal migrants from Bangladesh.
2. Moslems of Bangladesh are used to jumping over fences, and transplanting themselves across into neighboring areas, such as the state of Assam & the state of West Bengal, in India, in addition to entry into Myanmar. In India, the Moslem migrants from Bangladesh, have gotten away with their formidable knock-off entry into India. Hindus of India, are used to taking SH** from Islam, but the Buddhists of Myanmarr, are not so genial or receptive, towards the Rohingya-Moslems. They believe that these illegal migrants must be punished & deported to Bangladesh.
3. The measure of this problem is quite large & lofty. The anti-Rohingya Moslem violence, is not limited to Rakhine & Rohingya areas of Myanmar, but has spread to the heartland of Myanmar. The Buddhists of Myanmar, have no desire to copy the Indian example, of tolerating illegal-entry into Myanmar, and taking SH** from Islam. There are strong grievances of outrage & injury, against the illegal Moslem migrants. These grievance were papered over, during the authoritarain rule of the army, but are showing up in broad daylight, during the new democratice freedom of Myanmar.
4. To be completely fair to everybody in Myanmar, and without affording undue advantage to any section of the Myanmar population, the Rohingya Moslems do not have a proper place any where in Myanmar, any more than they have such connection, inside the states of Assam & West Bengal, in India. They ought to be evacuated out of all areas of illegal-inhabitancy, and deported to Bangladesh.