Date: 29/09/2014
Full spech: Amidst cheers, PM Narendra Modi addresses Madison Square group
Modi has restored pride in Indians like never before: US Journalist

Just as there are thousands inside Madison SQ Garden, there are thousands outside in Time Square not far from the venue watching Narendra Modi speaking , on big screens. And then there are still more thousands , may be millions in India glued to TV, Internet that was bringing his words right into their homes and hearts . As usual Narendra Modi spoke from his heart , easily connected with million's more .

3D India: Democracy, Demography and Demand, all three features are possessed by India, none else in the world and they will propel India to be first in the world, leading the world from the front. He cited his own example, rising from humble beginning to a place of pride as example of successful tradition of democracy. India will have demographich dividend in the form of having 65% young, below 30 yrs age with in few years and India being large has insatiable demand for all this that are good.
Anyway you please listen, if already did, listen again. There was neither bogus humility nor was there boastful pride of an ego both of which you often see in politicians of lesser caliber. Confidence exuding from a selfless leader of India first not me first, will enthuse people to achieve things greater than selves. That is what Narendra Modi has shown.
Fortunately we are at present at cross roads of history to directly witness and participate as well in rising India emerging from dynasty rule to democracy genuine, like of which we read in history books about US where stories of Presidents going from log house to white house are told even to us students in India. From tea seller on railway platforms in Gujarat to Prime Minister's house in New Delhi, Narendra Modi too made that journey.

Everything auspicious is happening, Navaratri, Mangalaayan, great positive responses from friends , Japan to US and immediate neighbors including China. Chinese President to whom Narendra Modi told bluntly that a small tooth ache will cause paralysis of entire body, listened to him , had Chinese troops that intruded go back, and when he returned to Beijing , called Chinese Army chief , had Generals who were responsible for intrusion into India at the moment transferred or relieved of their duties.
Even fake sincerity exhibited by politicians will earn them high positions albeit temporary, but when sincere sincerity that has been demonstrated already in action is present in a leader who ascended to his deserved place through sheer dint of hard work, people will love , and adore him, and shower blessings. That is what happened in Madison Square Garden for Narendra Modi.

Wish him further success , happy Navaratri.