Date: 30/09/2014

INDIA is the only country where cowards and traitors are called heroes, for example, one is "Mr. Clean" and the others "freedom fighters", "Indira is India!", "Chacha" (Nehru), "Mahatma", "Bapu" and "patriot".

None of them defended our TERRITORY. The country is REDUCED, BLIGHTED and DISFIGURED in perpetuity (for ever)!

None of them removed poverty. None of them improved roads, schools, hospitals, not even road discipline! None could eradicate CORRUPTION.

None of them eradicated the wide-spread epidemic called "baboos" who are corrupt, extremely slow like snails, frustrating and work like brakes, obstacles (minefields) and hindrance for the citizens, most of whom have left (or would love to leave) for foreign shores.

Gandhi and his demoralised and cowardly colleagues and associates could NOT defend Secularism in Sindh, West Punjab and Balochistan. In East Bengal they DUMPED secularism in 1947 and again in 1972.

When did any one of them "lift a finger" to stop the territorial surrenders and Hindu GENOCIDE of 1947? When did any one of them ever WARN Pakistani leaders to make sure that NO Hindu was killed or raped and NO mandir was razed to ground or desecrated?

By propaganda, intimidation and rewarding the stooges and scum of mankind they projected themselves as great men & women of history- that included a worthless liability called Sonia Maino from ITALY, since they could NOT find a single native Hindu woman good enough for the son of prime minister.

By propaganda, intimidation and rewarding the stooges and scum of mankind they elevated the biggest SECURITY RISK in the country to the highest political position, and declared her "Rashtramaata!"

In any other country such ROTTEN and UNINSPIRING leaders would have been SHOT DEAD. At one time Hitler was an even greater leader in Germany than Gandhi in India. TENS OF MILLIONS of Germans stood solidly behind their leader, willing to sacrifice their lives for him, and conquered half of Europe within months whereas when Gandhi looked around to see if anyone was willing to fast for three days for AKHAND BHARAT he saw NONE! What kind of a leader was he who could not inspire the nation to defend our sacred "dharti" to last inch and last man?

Mussolini, too, was as charismatic, powerful and popular leader in Italy as Nehru was in India. The whole country followed him blindly. But when he betrayed them the same PEOPLE captured him and SHOT HIM DEAD.

If the Indians had the same awareness as the ITALIANS they, too, would have captured Nehru and SHOT HIM DEAD on the day he announced, "I HAVE SURRENDERED INDIA TO THE DEVILS BUT KEPT THE MUSLIMS BACK!"

Any celebration of FAKE "Bapu" and FRAUD "Mahatma" tomorrow (October 2, 2014) will show to the world that the Indians are still IGNORANT FOOLS who are celebrating the "MOUSE" who came down to earth in human form. That is what SEVEN Hindus declared- one each from Karachi, Quetta, Multan, Lahore, Peshawar, Dhaka and Sylhet.

We had two TOP leaders to negotiate India's destiny with the MUSLIMS and the BRITISH RULERS. So HOW DID THEY FARE?

Did they come back with the map of "AKHAND BHARAT" in their hands or the map of BROKEN, FRAGMENTED, MUTILATED INDIA with Bengal and Punjab badly divided, and IRONICLLY or TRAGICLLY keeping the Muslims back safe & sound while passively watching the extermination of MILLIONS of Hindus living on those surrendered territories?

What a SHAME that there is NO memorial to them while the DEFEATED nation has erected "samadhis" not only to "langoTi-clad" Bapu, but also to FAKE Gandhis- Indira and Rajiv. One, in reality, was Maimoona Begum and the other Roberto Khan (son of Feroze KHAN who became Catholic)!


1 October 2014.
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Come on guys, Let’s celebrate 2nd October, the birth anniversary of

Mr M K Gandhi, there are many reasons for us to celebrate it
with Pomp and Gaiety. I am giving just four reasons .......

Sl. No.

Swami Shraddhananda (1856–1926) was an Arya Samaj missionary, who propagated the teachings of Swami Dayananda, and played a key role on the Sangathan (consolidation) and the Shuddhi (re-conversion) a Hindu reform movement in 1920s.

On 23 December 1926 Shraddhananda was murdered by Abdul Rashid. Gandhi’s reaction to this is “I have called Abdul Rashid a brother and I repeat it. I do not even regard him as guilty of Swamiji's murder”.

Gandhi petitioned to viceroy pleading clemency to Abdul Rashid.


Bhat Singh was sentenced to death in the Lahore conspiracy case.

Gandhi had an opportunity to stop Singh's execution, but refrained from doing so. But Gandhi said “the government certainly had the right to hang these men”. Gandhi believed that Bhagat Singh was a misguided patriot; he was following a path of violence.


Kashmir is a Muslim majority kingdom ruled by a Hindu king.

Gandhi demanded that the Hindu king should abdicate in favour of Muslim subjects


Hyderabad state (Deccan) is a Hindu state with 90% Hindus and 10% Muslims, but ruled by a Muslim (Nizam).

Gandhi demanded that the Hyderabad state should be left to Nizam to rule
Even if Hindus are 90% ?

There is something known as Logic, Reasoning and Rationale; that we mortals recognize.

Did Gandhi ever think about those “silly” things? Ever ???