Date: 02/10/2014

Subject 1: Alert to Citizens of India Before SCAM Happens: Clean India Mission MAY TURN TO 120000 LAKH CRORE Scam India Mission.

Subject 2: What is Clean India Mission: A Preparation of Honestly Clean Indian Dirt or Clean Indian Public Funds.

Kind Attn: Every Indian National Citizens & Especially Selected Media Agencies who promotes their company as the truthful and honest medium of communication. I don't want to insult them or spoil their reputation and their companies in open, so will NOT take names. Because I just want to give an opportunity to such companies to work improve, NOT by just saying we are geniune and honest news deliverables, rather we implement on what we say.

Hello National Citizens,

I did a research and analysis to find out the truth about whether what's ACTUALLY behind CLEAN INDIA MISSION? To find whether it's a honest mission of Mr. Modi or there is something in background, behind the scene which the public does NOT know and whether it's an as usual plan of political elements to fool Indian Public. So, below is my complete researched report:

Before I begin, I want to request to translate in local languages and keep forwarding this email to all your friends, relatives, nearest NGO's, social workers, etc. and also ask them to re-forward this to as many as possible. This is something about our hard earned money. This is something related to national economy and this is something related to future of citizens of the nation. This is something related to national interest. We have to together WITH UNITY help ourselves, no GOD is going to come and help you, until you don't take actions at your own. Make it viral to every place you can, so that every Citizen of India can awakes and fights for the nation, and so that the citizens do NOT get fooled or feel cheated, AFTER SCAM HAPPENS. They should be aware that someone in the country gave alert and warned them to take care of the things, regardless of whether they took that ALERT, SERIOUSLY OR NOT.

Here is the summary of my research report now:
My Intention of Alert: To make aware to the Citizens of India this first time in Indian History BEFORE SCAM TAKES PLACE. To make aware the Indian Citizens to keep any eye and monitor in their areas on every penny spent behind CLEAN INDIA MISSION. Spy on the Political Activities regardless of whichsoever party it is. Awake, Awake and Awake is the main intention of this message.
Intention: As far as I understand from my research of analysing the way Mr. Modi and BJP people works, I understand that these people first create a havoc by bringing the concentration and focus of Indian citizens to a topic which is positive. Here the positive topic is CLEAN INDIA. We all know that a large population of us wants Clean India. Even if Mr. Modi had NOT asked then also the intention of citizens of nation is CLEAN INDIA and we all know it. Then what is the ACTUAL INTENTION became the primary subject of my research. I had no clues for many days, but on 2nd of October 2014 as soon as Clean India Mission was launched by Mr. Modi, I found that the government in background has declared to deliver 20 Lakh Indian Rupees, EACH YEAR to Gram Panchayats on behalf of CLEAN INDIA MISSION. Now things sparked my brain, why this havoc was created in ADVANCE to SHOW SOMETHING IN FRONT OF PUBLIC AND INTENTIONS IN BACKGROUND. This mission is like haathi ke daant, khaane ke aur, dikhane ke aur. Now when I have some clues, I can on the grounds of my analysis give you an idea about their plans and intentions. This fund will go to gram panchayats, and when every citizen of india forgets this topic will then actually go to pockets of the political community and elements which are spreaded across India. This way the expense and energy spent by the members of political community for Mr. Modi's Election Camapaigns, Promotions in USA, etc. will all be recovered from OUR MONEY(i.e. Public Funds). This is NOT just about Mr. Modi, rather this is about every political party, how they work, how they recover their promotion expenses during elections, etc. etc. etc. But this time, I want all citizens of nation to unite and NOT let this happen now anymore.

Datafacts: There are approximately 638000 villages in India. Announcement of 20 Lakh to each village per year means 638000 X 2000000 EQUALS 127600,00,00,000 expense i.e. 127600 LAKH CRORE Expense of OUR MONEY(i.e. Public Funds) behind cleanliness will be spent EACH YEAR on the name of CLEAN INDIA MISSION. Who knows in whose pocket these funds will redirect and later enter into the pockets of political elements. Then the public will forget, which the political elements know very well and that's what they want. They want the public to forget. This is happening since 1947 and it's happening because we citizens of nation are ignoring due to various reasons such as political fear, abuse of political power and several other such reasons.
Solution: If really Mr. Modi's intention is true to CLEAN INDIA, then rather then giving these funds to Gram Panchayat, Mr. Modi should form an autonomous agency like National Highway Authorities of India who are responsible to take care of the Highways in India. Similarly an autonomous agency should be formed where government, public companies and private companies can be combined to form one organization to together work on the maintenance and cleanliness part of the entire nation. This way direct misuse of funds by local political elements will get restricted. They won't get even a single penny of our money(i.e. public funds) in their hands. Other advantages of doing it in this way is that so many people will get recruited by these companies to do cleanliness and maintenance jobs across nation. Poverty level will decrease when rural unemployed people are employed in this organization in their particular areas. If Mr. Modi does this, then in next elections the benefit of this advantage will also be reaped by him, and if his intention is already to work in the way he has decided and planned, then I think what I have researched is NOT wrong.

Conclusion: The conclusion of this mail is very simple. During elections Mr. Modi gave a slogan, "I won't swallow money of public, nor will I allow anyone else to swallow money of public". He also said, "I Just Don't Speak, I Make Things Happen" by way of practical delivery. So, now it's the time Mr. Modi to prove and practically implement what you said?
Copy of the below mail communication being forwarded for actions to all of the below:

Honorable Prime Minister of India.
Entire National Print and Electronic Media.
All Political Elements of All Political Parties of India.
All NGO's across the nation.
All Government Officials in my Network including Police Department Officials and all three wings of Indian Military Forces.
125 Crore Indian Citizens of Nation through Viral Mass Mailing Techniques & Methods...