Date: 29/03/2013

In England a cabinet minister is in jail for over speeding and denying it. The word of the police officer was UPHELD AS FINAL.

In "rotten third class Congress & DYNASTY controlled BROKEN Bharat", the police officer, who charged an MLA, has been accused of "misbehaviour" and suspended from service, instead.

You may be aware of the recent incident involving the thrashing of Sub-Inspector Suryavanshi by a group of MLAs. He had apparently fined MLA Kshitij Thakur for over-speeding. Home Minister had commissioned an enquiry on the matter and has found the 31 year old guilty of misbehavior with the MLA and has suspended Mr. Suryavanshi. The same govt that is inclined to believe that Sanjay Dutt at 34 yrs who worked against national interest should be pardoned is condemning an over-zealous 31 yr old cop for doing his duty!

No matter how inappropriate the conduct of Mr. Suryavanshi might have been (which is a matter of investigation), his suspension displays malintent. This is a case of the political class sending a message to police that they must remain under their thumb else they must face consequences.

Lok Satta Party is demanding the revocation of suspension of Mr. Suryavanshi. Secondly the enquiry against him must be made public so that people can also decide the legitimacy of the investigations.

Lastly and most importantly, we are moving for the implementation of police reforms in Maharashtra. The Supreme Court has asked all states to implement these reforms and this is yet to be implemented in Maharashtra in spirit. The Supreme Court had issued the orders based on its 22 September 2006 judgment in Prakash Singh vs. Union of India. These reforms deal with reducing the murky influence politicians exercise on policing responsibilities. On March 11, 2013, Supreme Court has written again to state governments to update on status. We are following this matter with the state govt.

We have submitted our letter of protest to the Chief Minister. Unfortunately, today another incident of assault on police officer in Mumbai has come up. The police needs to know that the law and the people are on their side. Silence on this crucial matter will worsen the security of our families.

Further action in the matter is being planned by Lok Satta including legal recourse and increasing public pressure. Refer our letter through the Facebook link and share widely with more people.


Whether it was the Delhi rape, or the beating of a girl in Punjab by police or the recent suspension of Mr. Suryavanshi, the issue of political influence negatively impacting the quality of policing is evident and severe.

Take this issue up on email, twitter, Facebook and with friends. Lok Satta is taking up this issue with concerned authorities and will keep you updated. Spread the word.
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"I oppose the suspension of Sub-Inspector #sachinsuryavanshi. Stop political interference in policing.

1. Restore Sachin Suryavanshi to service immediately
2. Implement Supreme Court orders on police reforms in Maharashtra"

Those who uphold the law must be encouraged and must not be left to feel that they are alone and on their own.

YOUR VOICE is required. Spread the word.