Date: 02/10/2014

Muslims are out here with a mission - to DESTROY civilisation. So the hope that they will go back to their own ISLAMIC countries is simply futile.

It is now up to us, he INFIDELS, to see them as ENEMIES, just as THEY see us through KORAN, and make sure that their NUMBERS do not explode.


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It is possible that European nations will be come islamic in the near future. The overall muslim birth rate IS higher.

When walking through Odense, you see arab muslims driving in big family-cars(cars with room and seats for children, marketed for new families). I see more and more native danish men, with big muslim beards, not only danish girls going out with muslim thug types.

The "kuffar" here have no brotherhood at all, unlike muslims. The sexes are turned against eachother. In this aspect, the muslims are stronger as a group.

The muslims have brotherhood and coorporation between the sexes. Yes, kuffar do way better in work and education, but as tax payers in the danish welfare state, this means that indifidels support the islamic welfare leaches... all the while islam advances its ideological agenda of complete dominance and baby booming.

I think that the "infidels" needs to realise the threat, before it's all too late. We need more coorporation and less infight over non issues and a strong united front against this unless we all want to be ruled by arab supremacism, islamic fascism. The rest of humanity will have a legit reason to hate us, for accepting islam, which condemns them. If we don't man up and get serious, we will loose this battle. We need values that makes us stronger together and we must be the ones dominating them.

How ungrateful this "abu" in the video is. Belgium has given him and his kind so much, and in return he gives slander, arrogance and tries to impose arab imperialism. Belgium supports their breeding programe. Belgium supports the death of their own.

Why doesn't he go live in the UAE? Because imperialism is the agenda. around half of the sunnis in the Emirates and Qatar are of this type.