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A truly brill article. It is worth reading from the very first word to the very last.

Dasara in Mysore
Thousands watches as Mysore celebrates Dasara

Dasara, Vijayadasami as it is known in South is celebrated in Mysore on a grand scale since the days of Vijayanagar. Mysore was s satrap state of great Vijayanagar that came into existence 1336 . It flourished writing a golden chapter in India's history. The capital of Vijayanagar , Hampi in its heyday was twice the size of Paris. Every visitor from abroad left glorious accounts of this last great Hindu empire that existed just 500 years back.
Vijayadasami celebrations in Vijayanagar capital, one can visualize from watching Dasara in Mysore though the scale is different. Even that in mini-scale would not have been possible but for defeat of Tipu Sultan, a fanatic, a tyrant whose killing spree would put ISIS today to shame. Still he gets extolled in secular circles because he fought British as if that alone is enough to absolve all crimes against humanity.
Only when Surajdaula was killed for the first time in Calcutta after centuries, people could celebrate Durga puja. Only when Tipu Sultan was killed , and replaced by previous Hindu dynasty , once again Dasara worship of Durga came back to Mysore.

Often ii is asked as to how a handful of Britishers could take over a vast country like India. This was how. People of India, natives i.e Hindus got so cowed down time and again due to unbridled tyranny of Islamic States founded by all sorts, Afghans, Slave Kings, Turk, Arab and Mughal raiders, resistance to further forays by others got weakened. If it was not British, the situation was ripe for any one else to take over India, bit by bit and then entire country . Just like Bhaktiyar khilji with handful of raiders could destroy Nalanda university consisting of thousands and thousands of students, a Britisher with just a few accompanying him walk into Arcot, in Tamil Nadu and took it over .

Even then when the time came it was regrouped forces of natives of India recovering from repeated shocks could wage freedom struggle. Last battle in Panipat was waged by Marathas against Afghan invaders. 1857 war was led by Nanasaheb Peshwa and Marathas . Mughal King served only as titular head to have forces rally around him. This is not to say that patriotic Muslims fighting for India did not exist. Point is a nation's freedom, progress and development depends in majority, only when it is strong and powerful could it prevent loots, raids thereby avoid poverty and misery.
This was what Swami Vidyaranya accomplished in 1336 on the banks of Tungabhadra when he got Harihara and Bukkar raya start the Vijayanagar. These able Generals were in the employ of Allauddin Khilji, originally Hindus but converted to Islam by Khilji. When in battle of Sangli, Kumbha Rana, illustrious predecessor of Maharana Pratap defeated Khilji and took him as prisoner, these two could free themselves. Swami Vidyaranya of Sringeri Peeth brought them to South, brought the two princes back to Sanatana Dharma and placed wealth of Sringeri Math at their disposal to start Vijayanagar empire.
Even after Vijayanagar was brought down from its pinnacle of glory, much prosperity still remained in its previous subsidiary states like Mysore or Malabar.
As you know recent opening of the vaults in temple of Sri Anantapadmanabha Swami in Thiruvanantapuram , Kerala revealed magnificent wealth worth billions and billions of dollars. To day may be that may be unique to that temple. But at the time of Tipu Sultan on equally grand scale temples were lavished with wealth by prosperous people of India. Tipu Sultan looted temples in Malabar of their huge possessions in gold, silver and diamonds. East India company which fought the Sultan and killed him, then looted all this wealth from his possession. Major beneficiary of all this loot finally was financier of East India company, Rothschild. He became big banker financing Europe as a result of wealth taken from temples of Malabar.
India thus directly financed industrial revolution in England, indirectly subsidized exports from US for 100 years and then through such loots helped Europe itself to prosper while all along people of India were getting impoverished with all the unbridled loot going on. Of course as you know the process continued even after 1947, yet India is looked upon to emerge into developed column pretty soon. India is not a poor country but made poor through systematic loot.
Don't let any body tell you some how some good things were done by invaders. May be but price was very high. Seculars used to write articles about giant contributions of Islam to India and Communists , Marxists held the view it was British who made a nation out of India. All such assumptions will not stand even cursory scrutiny.
We can still see the grandeur and magnificence of India's past when we witness celebrations like the one, Dasara in Mysore, a page right out of glory that was and will be of India's comes into view.
- G V C