Date: 30/03/2013


Alas! such tasks are not carried out by VHP.


A nation has TWO wings, like the two flags at Golden Temple (Hari Mandir Sahib) in Amritsar. The 6th. Guru, Har Gobind Rai, called them flags of MIRI & PIRI (secular and celestial respectively). They were raised to defy the brutal "kafir killer" Moguls in the early 17th century AD who were persecuting the Hindus.

According to that definition, BJP ought to be our MIRI and VHP (or HINDU MAHA SABHA) ought to be out PIRI. We shall understand as to why Maimoona Begum regarded those flags provocation and aimed at their destruction though apparently going after Bhindranwale. Anti Hindu forces in Bharat are too strong, opaque and sophisticated for our simple people to understand who are brainwashed from infancy to embrace the enemy and call him "brother". ("Hindu-Muslim Bhai Bhai!")

We regret to say that our MIRI (BJP) have ACCEPTED the illogical, undemocratic and absurd partition of India without exchange of population, thus showing the collapse of our POLITICS. And the HINDU MAHASABHA (and VHP) are quiet on so many religious aspects, or irresponsibly leave these to laymen, like the definition of a Hindu, like raising the historic Temple in Ayodhya (that ought to be regarded by the Hindus AT PAR with The Vatican in Italy and the Ka'aba in Mecca), even opposing the Government interference in the affairs of temples in Bharat, leave aside those left in Pakistan.

The failure on TWO fronts is having most devastating effect on the Hindus on ground.

On one side we see the Hindu REFUGEES from South Kashmir and on the other side we see increasing restlessness among the Sikhs who are denied free access to the sacred Janmasthan of Guru Nanak Devji that was surrendered by India to the enemy in 1947, totally disregarding the Sikh sentiments.

There seems to be an explanation for substituting the word "Hindu" for "Secular" in enslaved Hindusthan. It is the psychological sub conscious DEFLECTION, like reflex action in avoiding the incoming arrows, to the abuse and insult hurled at the Hindus by the ruthless invaders and plundering rulers, thereby we seek to "spare the Hindu but abuse the secular!" It is also an excuse of the cowards to do nothing or look the other way when Hindus are killed, raped or thrashed and temples destroyed anywhere. In order to INSPIRE their men to KILL and RAPE, the aggressors use very derogatory terms for the opponents. Mohammed used the word "Kafir" ("Infidel" or "non believer") for the non Muslims and Hitler referred to the Jews as "rats". Thus the invaders are always brainwashed into believing that their opponents are not normal humans but inferior sub humans, dirty and devious. Over a period of time the defeated nation itself starts to believe in their inferiority. Some, like Hitler in the last days of World War 2 and our own "Bapu" Gandhi faced with the death of Akhand Bharat, wished collective suicide of their defeated nations.

The deep core in the psyche of the "secular goat" does not make the person feel connected, or hurt, when his fellow Hindus are killed or abused. It's an escape mechanism. In contrast, we saw the reaction of the Sikh community to the malicious attack on Golden Temple by Maimoona Begum! In contrast, we also see the Muslims, even in Partitioned India, united against the reconstruction of the Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya. Earlier, we saw the committed Muslims capturing one third of India while the vast secular rabble, called the "majority community", proved useless. At Kumbh Mela last month there was NO "Hindu" among the ten million gathered there. They were all SECULAR. A Hindu among them would have asked all to march on to Ayodhya to restore the status and dignity of Sri Rama before taking the dip in holy waters.

In today's world when the Hindus are the target of the two other major RELIGIONS, it is safe to go "secular" in order to save one's skin.

The worst is that both Hindus and Sikhs are exposed (without any shelter) to the burning hot rays of "HINDU BASHING" (anti Hindu) RULERS including the "foreign finger" from ITALY. In these circumstances it is considered better by many Hindus to call themselves "secular" although, at the same time, it makes us all weak, and thus a "fair game" for all the predators.

There will still be some motivation left to save the "Hindus" but NONE whatsoever to save the secular slaves who have been conditioned by the battering and bashing received over centuries to end up as the self denying and self demeaning suicidal wrecks.



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There couldn't be any better explanation than this!

It ought to remove any misunderstanding (and there is indeed some misgiving and misunderstanding) and guide our young generation to the righteous thinking.

Alas! such tasks are not carried out by VHP.





In the times of Vedas there was no need to even coin the word "Hindu" since there was no other religion on earth except the prevailing practice of general rituals, ceremonies and prayers, often in forests, for worship.

But when the self-righteous missionaries and the zealots of Islam came, calling themselves "People of Book", they had asserted separate IDENTITY and had to give a name ("Hindu") in order to identify and define their opponents in order to subjugate, enslave, convert or kill them and occupy their land by wiping them out.

The word could also have been coined by the name of River INDUS.

Since the invaders sought to wipe out the Hindus, we have desperately needed to confirm and reconfirm our own distinct IDENTITY. The words "Muslim" and "Christian" will unite the followers while the word "secular" will SCATTER the lot.

That is the reality on ground. Those who think there is nothing like a "Hindu" in existence are simply offering us to the enemy as the lambs of sacrifice. A HINDU is expected to join ranks of fellow HINDUS like the Muslims and the Christians, and, together, build a strong nation and a strong FIGHTING spirit that could defend itself territorially.

Sadly, some are afraid to have their "heads cut off" if they say, "We are Hindus!" The Muslims immediately label us "KAFIRS" and the Christians instantly perceive us as an obstacle to conversion. Thus the Hindus are continuously exposed to all sorts of aggression and murderous onslaughts on our OWN TERRITORY that we have declared SECULAR (that is, neutral, delinked, unattached, uncommitted and "FREE FOR ALL!") out of ingrained inferiority complex.

We have to understand the dire need of creating Hindu FUNDAMENTALISM only because the others are so. One cannot confront a tiger or a lion as a goat or a sheep. That is why Guru Gobind Singhji gave a clear IDENTITY to his followers. As Hindus, most of them were in the self-denial mode while the others simply fled the scene.

None realized the need of a CLEAR identity than the farsighted Guru when he said, "My followers will NOT hide, seek a way out, or run away but will be SEEN as such from a mile." Today most Hindus are not even recognized just one foot away.

Due to slavery and degradation as Hindus many deny the fact that they are even Hindus. But if we wish to RECOVER our dignity, pride, "Shakti" and even the lost territories, then, per force, we have to do what the enemy needs to see. We cannot disarm unilaterally. We cannot become secular unilaterally. That is the other name of SUICIDE. We saw the most shameful "performance" of our HINDU nation in 1947!

There is a treacherous reason as to why the nation is NOT allowed a "post mortem" on Partition and why there is NO reference to it even in Constitution. For those who cannot guess it, we spell it out: To deliver the Hindus, including those seeking safety under the "secular" umbrella, to death.

That is why the Jews have countless HOLOCAUST MUSEUMS all over the world. It is nothing but the "post mortem" of their genocide in 1940's.

It is ironic that the Hindu fools, though very clever and learned in every other (non threatening respect) are "secular" on our own patch (to feel morally superior) while neither the Mohammedans nor the Christians call themselves secular. If the Muslims had been SECULAR they would not have CAPTURED five provinces of HINDU India (Hindusthan) overnight. And the day the Christians call themselves "secular" all the missionaries will pack up and go home.

Only the Hindus can afford the luxury of being secular, hoping that their enemies will leave them alone. Is it not like the pigeons closing their eyes hoping that the cat will go away?

Since all the Hindus have been forcibly converted by Nehru's legislation to "Secularism", it is futile to look up to the "Hindus" (ill-defined scattered, scared and de-linked rabble) to recover North Kashmir, or expel the disruptive Muslims from Bharat after conceding them their own separate homeland called Pakistan.

Now everything has become secondary in view of the rapid rise in Muslim numbers in Partitioned India. The primary task before us is to do something about the clearly looming THREAT of Delhi going the way of Lahore.

We believe that we need to confront this question and rake our brains to find the solution.

If things go on as now, then there is the real danger of Hindus vanishing from the REST (middle) of India, too, as from its eastern and western wings.

The real goal of all the foreign ideologies and powers is our TERRITORY. Before 1947 while we were looking forward to the "glow of freedom" our Muslim compatriots were after TERRITORY. They won hands down because "secularism" has no wind or pulling power in it. The MUSLIMS could easily defeat the secularists and scatter them across the world. No wonder NEHRU, who was "one of them", coerced the Constituent Assembly comprising Hindu stooges into deleting the word “HINDU” in the Constitution of Bharat thus condemning the Hindus to slow death.

It’s a great pity that we do not have a Hindu “THINK TANK” in Hindusthan since all who might gather at one place would be liable for arrest and jail for life. Even if we had one, the findings and recommendations would be wastage of time and effort. Who will IMPLEMENT them? Already looking at the foreign “cat” guiding the prime minister many ask, “Who will bell the cat?”

March 30, 2013.