Date: 14/10/2014

Thank you for brilliant objective look at the man "consumed" by INFERIORITY COMPLEX and TERROR OF ISLAM.

There was nothing much about the man except the "AIR" inside the balloon that blows it to big size. That "air" was British genius and patronage, and incessant & constant propaganda by the Indian "coolie" media- the very people who coined the phrase "Indira is India!" for Maimoona Begum, and the most honourable title of "Rashtramata" for the impoverished ITALIAN girl who entered the Prime Minister's house without security vetting!

How is it that MK Gandhi, a barrister-at-law, could not think of a SINGLE condition to be put to Mohammed Ali JINNAH before conceding the "Islamic BUTCHERS" ONE THIRD of India?

Of course even an IDIOT could think of a couple of conditions, for example,

1. All Muslims will be required to move to their exclusive homeland, Pakistan. They will take the anti Hindu ideological poison called the KORAN with them.

2. We shall bring the same sign seen at Mecca ("NO NON MUSLIM TO ENTER THE CITY") and put it at our own borders, to read, "NO MUSLIM TO ENTER BHARAT"!

3. NO Hindu male will be harmed, killed or converted, and NO Hindu female abducted and raped after your Islamic Constitution comes down like a ton of bricks upon their heads.

4. There must be REFEREDUM to ascertain the wishes of the PEOPLE of India who are not cattle or animals!

We can look at NEHRU, too, with the same critical eye but the "basta*d" never said, "I am a Hindu!" while Gandhi never denied his Hindu religion.

Hence Gandhi exposed himself for the charge of BETRAYING both Hindusthan and the Hindus, as well as to the charge of high treason lot more than Nehru!

Furthermore, no amount of reasoning or justification can exonerate Gandhi from the crime of exposing TENS OF MILLIONS of innocent vulnerable Hindus to death and destruction under the ISLAMIC rule when he ought to have known their crimes and misdeeds over the previous centuries.

Gandhi not only FAILED to foresee the PLIGHT of Hindus and the much reduced SIZE of his Bharat after Partition but also did incalculable DAMAGE to our national spirit and morale for DECADES since 1947 through his "Ahimsa Parmo Dharma" if we still see his statues all over Bharat, even in the Prime Minister's office!

His false charm has BLINDED the most intelligent, the most "powerful" and the most influential Hindus, including the SUPREME COMMANDER who has yet to ask, "WHAT IS HIS INSPIRATION TO THE COUNTRY'S ARMED FORCES?"

The FOOL should know that a "Gandhian" armed forces can only fire shells- even 100 for the one coming from the enemy side, but cannot recover an inch of North Kashmir or provide security to the Hindus in Srinagar.

Now compare INDIA'S capability to recover her own territory with the capability of the Muslims who CAPTURED the whole of Hindusthan to misrule for centuries, and also with the might & capability of the BRITISH who captured India from Khyber to Chittagong and from Kerala to Kashmir, and imposed their Education, language and Administration effectively after sending the Emperor of Hindusthan, Bahadur Shah Zafar, into EXILE for the rest of his life.

The apologists for Gandhi ought to "DROWN" in the blood of two million Hindus slaughtered in cold blood in their own country during 1946 and 1947. Obviously being typical Gandhian, and secular to boot, they do NOT "relate" to fellow Hindus who perished, who are perishing and WHO WILL PERISH, since the enemy has also noticed Gandhi's statue in the prime minister's office!

PS: It is time to close the "Gandhian" Chapter and take Hindusthan vigorously FORWARD towards STRENGTH (Hindu "SHAKTI"), peace and progress with the goal of recreating our "HINDU RASHTRA" that was lost in 1192 AD with the fall of Delhi to the Turks.

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Democratic principles involve including the society to make decisions . However, Gandhi had assumed the supreme leader himself who can make decisions for the Hindus themselves and thus putting them in great danger. He never took any Hindu leader or Hindus feelings into consideration while making decision for the Hindus. He never practiced Democratic principles . It is all himself who is the supreme and who will make decisions for Hindus . He had doomed Hindus during partition and after partition by giving the power to anti-Hindu leaders like Nehru , Ambedkar. Hindus are doomed under Secularism practiced by Khangress dynastic rule. Secularism is a python which will slowly devour Hindus by giving equal rights to Jihadi Muslims whose aim is only to convert Idolators, Kaafirs into Islam. The politicians, Police System are all assisting these Jihadi forces as can be seen in West Bengal and Kerala. Eventually, this disease will become more acute as time progresses and as Muslims change the demographics of the country.