Date: 14/10/2014

What a brilliant and glorious tribute to the sacred soil of Bharat that produced and nurtured the excellent SIKH religion in her lap like a "mother"!
We mention "SOIL" deliberately and consciously since the LOCATION determines the nature & quality of the Religion that springs from it like the vegetation.

Look at the desolate hostile barren desert of Arabia, the land of origin of Islam, and see the Muslims called the Pakistanis who attacked their own land of birth and broke up India in "rivers of blood" in 1947.

Look at BOKO HARAM, the predators who abducted over three hundred school girls one night and distributed them among themselves!

Look at the newly emerging Islamic State (I.S.) who are capturing and selling women in this day and age and are a menace to the whole world.

Now look at the territory of Palestine where the two indigenous religions, Christianity and Judaism, are always in turmoil & conflict, with the added lethal mixture of gun powder called Islam!

But NOTHING like this is seen in all the genuine religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism, that sprang from the soil of Bharat and are simply the "greatest" religions on earth.

We all should be mighty PROUD of our religions that were born in Bharat. That the country cannot be "Hindu Rashtra" is part of our BAD LUCK since the "secular" Constitution was a deliberate ploy by our enemies who brought their own "warring, plundering, converting" religions with them and wanted to wipe out all the native religions of Bharat including the praiseworthy Sikh religion. (See below).


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Bertrand Russel On Granth Sahib & Sikhism by Bertrand Russel.

1950, Russell was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature

He said "If some lucky men survive the onslaught of the third world war of atomicand hydrogen bombs, the SIKH religion will be the ONLY means of guiding them.
It has the capability, but Sikhs have not brought-out, in broad day light, the splendid doctrines of their religion, which has come into existence for
the benefit of entire mankind."

Western Atheist’s views

We were doing great with knocking out Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Baha’i, even Buddhism but we have gotten very stuck with Sikhism.

........ Look instead in service to humanity. You will find “meaning” in your love for other human beings. You can experience God when you help someone who needs your help.
Why is this interesting? Because we found this religion of Sikhism to be in agreement with this! This is why we have a problem. We tried to look at their holy text (Adi Granth) but didn’t find the usual absurdities we found in the other religious books. In fact its refreshingly inspiring and very good!

Did you know that they believed in Democracy, freedom of speech, choice, expression, freedom of religion, pluralism, human rights, equality between men and women, equality of all people regardless of race, religion, caste, creed, status etc. 300 years before the existence of the USA! Theirs is the onlyreligion which says in their religious scriptures that women are equal in every respect to men. They even had women soldiers leading armies in to battle against “you know who”(The usual suspects – Muslims!) Their history is a proud one, they fought in both World Wars. Even Hitler praised them for their bravery and Aryan heritage!

Please bear in mind that Bertrand Russell was a great philosopher and free thinker. We have been trying for weeks now to find a way to fairly and rationally criticize and find fault with this religion but have failed. We even found out that there are many people converting to this religion in the USA and Europe as well as Russia (Mostly well educated and affluent white people).
Bertrand Russell was a great philosopher and free thinker and is said to have given Christianity (same applies to Islam and Judaism) a body blow and exposed its absurdities; but even this great man got stuck when it came to Sikhism! In fact he gave up and said "that if some lucky men survive the onslaught of the third world war of atomic and hydrogen bombs, then the Sikh religion will be the only means of guiding them.” Russell was asked that he was talking about the third world war, but isn't this religion capable of guiding mankind before the third world war? In reply, Russell said, "Yes, it has this capability, but the Sikhs have not brought out in the broad daylight, the splendid doctrines of this religion which has come into existence for the benefit of the entire mankind. This is their greatest sin and the Sikhs cannot be freed of it.

" What Bertrand was most impressed with was that Sikhism does not have a doctrine of evangelism, that it does not go out to try to subvert and convert. In some ways he thought that Sikhs should go out and propagate their great faith.