Date: 19/10/2014

Thank you for the realistic and objective comment on MKG.

You mention "over 60 years since Partition" and yet no progress in Bharat.

Today BBC 2 TV showed a programme by Simon Reeve on Yangtze River in China which beats our sacred "Ganga" by a mile with regard to CLEANLINESS.

It is amazing to see what the Chinese have achieved in 60 years compared to our Bharat.

The programme showed the major cities along its banks. They are modern, clean and dazzling in grandeur and beauty with their fast and efficient transport system. No Chinese is seen in loin cloth, or with folded hands before the superior, sitting on ground or begging. The standard of dress & dignity is high. There are no groups of loafers hanging about, teasing girls or looking for one to rape.

There are inevitably two reactions on one's part:

1. One feels shame to see chaos, poverty and dirt along the Ganges as soon as it enters the planes in UP; and

(2) Exactly 60 years ago China, having passed through her own civil war and revolution was a destroyed country like Germany in 1945. Yet she had ONE leader Chou En Lai who revolutionised the people, and put the country on way to progress so that soon China is expected to overtake even America in wealth and military strength.

Now that a Hindu nationalist government is in power we find them stuck to new miseries like knee deep "coaltar" that they are having to WADE THROUGH due to the outmoded bureaucratic system of administration, created by the British and run by the baboos with mad devotion.

It is also noteworthy that ALL people in China are well integrated EXCEPT THE MUSLIMS, as one would expect!

While all the Indian Governments pander to the Muslims (Hajj facilities, Article 370 for Kashmir and special concessions to minorities, i.e., Muslims) in China there is one law for all and people of all faiths and religions live in harmony.

The restive Muslims in the West are crushed firmly without fear and hesitation.

Nehru's India ignored all the Hindu/Buddhist countries to the West but felt at home in the lap of Arabs and all the Islamic countries.

It is a sad reflection on the PEOPLE of India who lifted the treacherous "rascal" sky high like a Lord but never dared to ask him to EXPLAIN "Partition" or the presence of Muslims in Partitioned India!

Based on observations since May last, one can say that India is heading for DOOM unless the following is done rapidly;-

1. Assert that it is a "HINDU" country (just as England is a Christian country). Let us give our poor partitioned and betrayed country a clear IDENTITY instead of being suspended in secularism & confusion.

2. Remove Article 370 to end the DISPUTED and SEPARATE status of Kashmir. Centre should treat it like Bihar and Karnataka!

3. Cancel Hajj facilities since a Secular Government cannot support a RELIGIOUS cause.

4. Show guts and conviction to "TAME THE BEAST" called the BABOOS. They are still doing the same practices as during British time when the Indians were slaves and they have the same EYES and mentality with which Jenab Nehru looked at the Hindus, with which Indira ( Maimoona Begum) declared emergency, with which Rajiv looked at the Tamils of INDIAN origin in Sri Lanka, with which the committed die-hard Catholic Sonia Maino looks at every Hindu Mandir!

All the cabinet should be sent on a tour of China, where the Buddhist temples and shrines enjoy high status and popularity, to come home MUCH INSPIRED, MUCH WISER. and MUCH BOLDER.

People with "low level narrow" mind set, even if they are cabinet ministers, are UNFIT to handle a vast and diverse country like India with her crippling historic burdens to be removed. In eradication of corruption our Bharat should follow the example of China! A scoundrel like BOFORS CHOR, who is said to have taken Bofors commission, would have been investigated, prosecuted and shot dead by firing squad in China- as well as the chief minister of Bihar for his fodder scam.

Chinese strength, prosperity, unity and CLEAN government have not come easily or automatically.


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I do not believe that M.k Gandhi believed in democracy.. When Sardar Patel was elected as leader according to rules by Congress Committee 14 votes to one ,Gandhi destroyed the ballot papers and insisted that Nehru must be Prime Minister ,according to a book Iron man of India and we can see the deplorable condition of India under Nehru-Gandhi dynasty - Congress rule for over sixty years since partition/ division/ mutilation/ degradation/decomposition/ of India.