Date: 22/10/2014


Today is a dark day in Canada' history. A soldier was killed and the Parliament attacked.

A soldier is the symbol of her military strength and Parliament is the symbol of her democracy. Canada's name is in the BLACK LIST of those careless or sleepy countries who could not foresee or anticipate the "slap" coming to her at the highest level.

Citizens are known as the children of a country as we, Indians, are the "children" of Mother India. Good children bring credit to their parents (Country) while bad children being SHAME and DISGRACE to their country.

Since the KILLERS of her soldiers are MUSLIM, we can safely say that her Muslim "children" tried to "kill" her just like the Indian Muslims who, like hungry wolves, carved huge chunks of India's flesh and "ate" it.

But there is no similarity between the American, Canadian, Australian or European Muslims and those of India. The latter came as invaders burning, killing, destroying, plundering and raping all along their way while the former came to the United Kingdom (and other countries in the West) begging to be let in.


Written in honour of Drummer Lee Rigby who was killed at Woolwich, London, on 22 May 2013 and Cpl. Nathan Cirillo of Hamilton, Canada, killed today, 22 October 2014.



22 Oct 14.