Date: 23/10/2014

Nehru's everlasting gift of "love & loyalty" to India (his own land of birth that we call "MOTHER India"!) are the three broken fragments of "Akhand Bharat" (that was the indirect cause of Gandhi's assassination) and the broken, disgusting & artificial borders including the cease fire line in Kashmir.

Another eternal gift of Nehru, though totally INVISIBLE and mostly UNRECORDED, were the agonising wails and cries and the pleas for mercy of the hundreds of thousands of innocent Hindus being butchered, beheaded and maimed in the most savage manner, and the cries of the forcibly abducted and raped Hindu girls most of whom perished while many were forced into marriages to produce more "Mohammeds" to grow up to be our enemies- not to forget the immense agony and suffering of the millions upon millions forced out of their homes in three clothes who "discovered" Nehru long before he discovered India.

One day the present remnant of Bharat will rise to the occasion and establish a befitting Memorial to all those (our kith and kin, our fellow Hindus) who suffered and perished because it was NEHRU, not NETAJI, who was consulted on the Destiny of India in 1947.

The cold hearted TRAITOR watched thousands of penniless refugees arriving in Delhi in rags and poor health but did not comfort even one widow or pick up a little fatherless child because he was too busy having romantic moments in the company of Edwina Mountbatten, the Viceroy's wife.