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No patriotic leader of any nation will ever promote immigration policies for the "vote bank", especially to strengthen his/her political establishment. The research shows that it is the crooks who do promote such unpatriotic policies in their country and promote other leaders to do so.

If any one really desires to understand how "unpatriotic immigration policies" affect a vibrant & strong nation, they should do research on US immigration policies, especially have taken place in recent six years of Obama presidency.

Date: Sat, 1 Nov 2014 10:40:27 -0400

One is concerned to read the headline, "Anti-immigration politics ‘un-Christian’" above the input by John Bingham, Religious Affairs Editor, in "The Daily Telegraph", London, on October 28, 2014.

He writes-

(Quote) The Archbishop of Canterbury has criticised politicians who speak of immigration as a “deep menace” that will “overwhelm” the country for voicing un-Christian and un-British rhetoric.

The Most Rev Justin Welby made his comments as the Defence Secretary, Michael Fallon, apologised for claiming that some communities feel “swamped” and “under siege” by migrant worker.

Mr Fallon, who was criticised by Downing Street, said he had been a “little careless” in his language. The Archbishop, whose grandfather as a German Jew who moved to Britain, said clergy across the country are reporting an upsurge in “frightening” racist language in their communities.

While refusing to comment on Mr Fallon directly, the Archbishop said it was wrong to view immigration as “something that is somehow going to overwhelm” Britain. He said the country needed a prudent but generous immigration policy, but that he worries deeply about the tone adopted in the political debate towards immigrants. .. (Curtailed) (Unquote).

Having read the above, we wrote to the Editor, The Daily Telegraph, London, as follows:-

Sir, We read the headline, “Anti-immigrant politics ‘un-Christian’", above the article by John Bingham, Religious Affairs Editor, in The Daily Telegraph, dated October 28, 2014. (p.2), with concern.

He writes that the Archbishop of Canterbury has criticised politicians who speak of immigration as a “deep menace” that will “overwhelm” the country for voicing un-Christian and un-British rhetoric.

Sir, the Rev’d Archbishop is politically correct but over simplistic and far from reality.

There are beneficial immigrants like the bacteria in the human body but there are also immigrants whose core belief and ideology make them harmful like the virus. It is vital to keep this in mind and play by logic and wisdom but not just ‘political correctness’. All immigrants are not one and the same thing!

We cannot now ask those who held similar views of tolerance, generosity, love of humanity and non-violence, because they perished and vanished from the surface of the earth.

They were, indeed, overwhelmed and wiped out by a more dynamic, united, aggressive, savage and self-righteous people.

The 'incorrigible fools' were the HINDUS of West Punjab, East Bengal, Sindh and North Kashmir, who used to listen intently to their own counterpart of the Rev'd Archbishop of Canterbury, called "Mahatma Gandhi".

All being DEAD now, they cannot pass on their wisdom on how to survive when the ‘politically INCORRECT’ advance in order to extend their own Islamic Realm by killing, raping and even beheading the charity workers.



1 Nov 14.



Brits Are Targets When They Travel Abroad, Foreign Office Warns

The Huffington Post UK

Posted: 01/11/2014 10:33 GMT Updated: 2 hours ago

Britons travelling abroad are being warned that they could be targeted by terrorists seeking revenge for UK air strikes against Islamic State (IS) extremists.

The Foreign Office (FCO) has updated its travel advice for all destinations across the globe that British nationals faced a "heightened threat" of attack from "groups or individuals motivated by the conflict in Iraq and Syria".

It urges all Britons living or travelling overseas to be "vigilant" at the current time.

Britons travelling abroad are being warned that they could be targeted.

The FCO said that it was responding to the "generalised threat" rather than warnings of a specific attack.

The move comes after Home Secretary Theresa May announced in August that the UK national terror threat level had been raised from "substantial" to "severe", meaning an attack is considered ''highly likely''.

Last month, Parliament gave the go-ahead for the RAF to carry out air strikes against IS forces in Iraq and the Government has been supplying arms to the Kurdish peshmerga militias fighting the extremists.

The updated FCO advice states: "There is considered to be a heightened threat of terrorist attack globally against UK interests and British nationals from groups or individuals motivated by the conflict in Iraq and Syria. You should be vigilant at this time."

Our Unwillingness to Understand More About Radicalisation Risks Failing Our Youth

The increased threat means a heightened security presence is planned for next week’s Remembrance Day events.

The FCO advises against all travel to most parts of Iraq, and all of Syria, where it says it is unable to provide assistance to any British citizen in leaving the country. There is also advice not to travel within 10km of the border of Syria, within Turkey.

In that region, Iraqi peshmerga fighters are getting ready for the battle against Islamic State group extremists in the border town of Kobane.

Some 150 peshmerga fighters entered Kobane on Friday night to fight the extremist group that controls parts of the town.

The force brought in badly needed heavy weapons including artillery, heavy machine guns and anti-tank missiles, material that could tip the balance of power in favor of the Kurds.

Islamic State group positions in Kobane also have been targeted US-led airstrikes. British airstrikes on IS targets are currently restricted to Iraq.

The Islamic State group has alarmed the international community with its recent seizure of a third of Iraq's territory and parts of neighboring Syria. On Friday evening, the UN Security Council released a statement expressing its "deep outrage" at the killings, kidnapping, rapes and torture by the Islamic State group in Iraq.

The statement urges the international community to increase its support of Iraq's government and security forces.

The council also welcomes the appointments of Iraq's defense and interior ministers and the swearing-in of Kurdish ministers, "which completed the formation of an inclusive Government that represents all segments of the Iraqi population."

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