Date: 06/11/2014


People holding Indian passports were asked to return their passports on acquiring British nationality- a requirement that is not seen in the case of most other countries. Most of us returned our Indian passports unwillingly and sadly.

However, we did understand as to why we had to renounce our link with Mother India on acquiring the British passport when Britain is not a hostile or enemy country like Islamic Pakistan or even a Hindu country like Nepal (We understood very well Nehru's HATRED for anything to do with Hindus and Hindusthan)!

The autocratic and dictatorial government of NEHRU DYNASTY at that time did not wish to see us in their "occupied" India again. They were AFRAID that the Indians, especially Hindus, if allowed freely to travel back to India, will be "passing ideas" to their slavish Indian subjects.

Unfortunately two things seem to be wrong with today's so-called free India. Firstly, the same old attitude of mistrust and contempt by the rulers towards their helpless subjects.

Secondly, lack of realisation that for us NRI's, our Bharat, and no other country on earth, is our sacred Motherland where our kith and kin live, where we have our mandirs and gurdwaras, where we left our old schools, friends and workmates, where we want to contribute to improving the quality of life, for example, paying for a modern toilet in our parents' house.

Putting obstacles and levying hefty visa fees is not only undesirable act on the part of Governments of India but also extremely offensive and insulting to those who have self-esteem and love of the land of our roots.

It appears that still there is the ghost of Nehru and the Italian MAFIA standing between the Indians living abroad and our kith and kin back home.

If one goes to live with an uncle or aunt the relationship with his/her parents is not cut off.

The deterrent, in fact, not only causes resentment among the NRI's but also weakens our land of birth, Bharat, in ways that can be guessed easily.

There are many ways in which the NRI's, if encouraged to visit Bharat, can contribute to the well-being and economic prosperity of the people of Bharat, not only raise their AWARENESS. But obviously the anti people "Government of BABOOS" there, resting on thin ice, is not like most other clean and transparent governments on earth that do not require visa from those who were born there.

Italy, for example allows visa free travel not only to Sonia Maino "Gandhi", the "First Lady" of Bharat as President of All-India Congress Party, but also to her "half Indian" children! Italy puts NO obstacle in their way to visit their "motherland" as often as they wish.

When will the NRI's unite and feel the insult and lack of trust shown by the Government of India? We need to think sovereign -not always fear the negative aspects of any good idea!

What a shame that most NRI's while living in free and sovereign countries and contributing to their prosperity day and night, have different "yardstick" when it comes to corrupt "baboodom" and their anti people mentality back home that smells of lack of trust and absence of love.

NRI's need not fear any more, but reject the tight hold on our liberties in Bharat, a relic of past slavery.

By tradition we Indians are "EACH ONE FOR HIMSELF." Most have PAID a lot of money to acquire visas of various dubious kinds and durations, now fortunately turned into life long privilege due to our "Man of Millennium", Narendra Modi. But what do the NRI's think of collectively approaching Government of India to remove visa restrictions and charges altogether when the Indians, holding UK passports, can not only travel visa free to 28 European countries but also to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and even UKRAINE!

But when we think of Bharat "Maata" we come up against the country BROKEN by Jinnah, ENSLAVED by Nehru and STRANGULATED by "baboons".

Below are the charges that an NRI holding UK passport must pay for the privilege of visiting his own divine land of birth where Sri Krishna and Guru Nanak were born:

Tourist Visa

Service Type Processing Time Handling Fee Embassy Fee

NORMAL 5 - 7 working days 35.00 92.20

EXPRESS 3 - 4 working days 50.00 92.20

EXPRESS ONLY IN LONDON: 2 - 3 working days: 70.00 92.20


This is Italian MAFIA. This is CORRUPTION. This is ANTI BHARAT. This is anti NRI. This complies with the wishes of Nehru's GHOST with his contempt for Hindus and Hindusthan, towards our DIGNITY and sentiments.


6 Nov 14.