Date: 07/11/2014


What was the BIGGEST event of the last century- in fact, the last MILLENNIUM?
We expect (in vain!) ALL to shout, “MUTILATION OF INDIA that happened two years after the end of World War 2.”

Yes, that’s right. Tens of Millions of lives were LOST in that great war (1st September 1939, Hitler’s invasion of Poland, to 15th. August 1945, unconditional surrender by Japan) that was fought so bitterly, for so long, for the cause of DEMOCRACY and SECULARISM but also for PEACE ON EARTH & UNITY OF MANKIND “for ever hereafter”!

Some may not agree. They will say, “INDEPENDENCE FROM THE BRITISH!” But that statement will invite criticism, even controversy. Questions will pop up-

“The British would have gone away ANY WAY just as they left Sri Lanka, Myanmar, South Africa, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and Malaya (Malaysia) and Aden.”

“The British were not the only FOREIGN conquerors of Hindusthan. Before them we had the savage MUSLIMS for four times as many centuries, who did what the British never did, for example, wholesale destruction of temples, forcible conversions of Hindus, murder of minor children, widespread abduction and rape of Hindu girls with impunity, burning of books, especially Scriptures and scholarly works by Hindu writers, and the hated Jazia tax!” Their culture and civilisation in Occupied Hindusthan three to eight centuries ago can be judged by their culture and civilisation in Libya, Afghanistan, Irak, Syria and PAKISTAN today (2014 AD)!

How many of us can visualise those happy Hindu families living in safety and prosperity during the much maligned British rule in Sindh, West Punjab and East Bengal up to 1940? And how many of us can stretch the imagination into the future in order to fore-see the places where we are NOW, going up in fire and flames in 50 or 100 years from now, given the same attitudes, the same ignorance (lack of awareness) and the same collective cowardice in 2014 that prevailed in 1940?

Conclusion: Europeans were by far the more humane and civilised masters. They were EDUCATED and technically advanced. They were civilised. They let the Hindus live unmolested. There was no abduction or rape. They did not impose a strangulating tax like Jazia. They did not destroy a single temple. They never gave the brutal choice to their Hindu slaves, “Christianity or DEATH?”
They established schools, colleges and universities. The renowned Khalsa College in Amritsar was built in 1892. Benaras Hindu University was founded in 1916 and Aligarh University was established in 1920, and so on!

Muslim era had only “madrassas” and the Koran schools with compulsory study of the Arabic language. They "banished" Sanskrit and replaced Hindi by Persian and Urdu. The British were fair while bigoted Muslim Maulanas’ (and Qazis’) typical verdict for the crying Hindu father’s pleas for recovery of his daughter was, “O Hindu! Your daughter is lucky to be converted to Islam by her abductor. Case dismissed!”

Sikhs, who dared to defy the DEVILS with utmost daring and courage, paid a very heavy price for confronting the Muslim invaders while rescuing Hindu girls being taken to Kabul, Ghazni and beyond, to be sold in open markets or used as sex slaves (just as TODAY, in 2014, by the fighters of the “Islamic State” in Irak and Syria, and by Boko Haram in Nigeria!).

Persecution of the Sikh minority was brutal beyond imagination. They had to escape to forests to ambush the returning gold and silver (and girls) laden convoys of invaders returning to Afghanistan. Price was placed on their heads. Europeans, though cruel and strict, did not cross all limits nor showed bestiality to that extent. Tragedies like the Jallianwala Bagh massacre were far more numerous and deadlier during the Muslim invasions and their centuries long rule. Hardly any Hindu would have survived in Bharat today under Islamic rule like Afghanistan and Pakistan had the Europeans not arrived in time!

Typically, during just one invasion of Hindusthan by Ahmed Shah, Nadir Shah, Mahmud or Babur at least fifty to hundred times more Hindus were butchered than at Jallianwala Bagh in 1919. Yet the “sarkari” propaganda machines continuously dwell on Jallianwala Bagh to clobber the British but totally overlook the real mass murderers, the Muslims.

We know better our Muslim and European occupiers- both INVADERS. Not a single NRI chose an Islamic Republic for better life. ALL headed towards UK, USA, Australia and other Christian or Buddhist lands where we live happily, without fear of Mohammedan bigots, paedophiles and sex maniacs.
Vulnerability of the Sikh minority in Bharat is the barometer of the Hindu “Shakti” itself. Sadly, the latter is lacking in courage to assure even the Hindus in West Bengal, Sindh and Kashmir of safety & dignity, leave aside being the protective umbrella for our “exposed” Sikh minority!
We have millionaires and billionaires by the hundreds but not one seems to be aware that given the perennially separatist “second nation” in our midst, and given the alarming demographic projections, and given the total blanket on PARTITION, all that prosperity and all those happy families and all the universities and institutions and holy places, will one day go up in smoke like Damascus, Baghdad, Karachi, Lahore and Dhaka unless we do something about it now.
Therefore when we speak of “Independence” by suppressing the word “PARTITION”, we are not being brave or honest. As honourable and patriotic people we should regard the “BREAK UP OF INDIA” as the most significant event of the last century.

If that is the case then why is there NO mention of Partition in Nehru’s Constitution? Why is it never mentioned by any MP in Lok Sabha? Why it does not fill pages of newspapers or aired fully on August 15 every year? Why is it not seen in school curriculum?

The reason is that our Hindu nation cannot face the Truth despite the motto “Satyam Vijayate”!
The reason is that it is SAFE to blame and criticise the civilised Europeans who enslaved us but extremely dangerous, even life threatening, to mention the atrocities and barbarities suffered by our people during the centuries of slavery under the Mohammedans- the Arabs, Turks, Persians and the Afghans.

Now that the evil and corrupt anti Hindu AXIS POWERS (Nehru Dynasty, Italian Mafia and the bullies of “second nation”) have gone (for good), and we have a decent, honest and brave HINDU in the prime minister’s chair, it is high time to overcome fear and terror but declare this “Rump” of Bharat (middle segment of Gandhi’s “Akhand Bharat”) as “Hindu Rashtra” and prepare to face the consequences.

The new Hindusthan, that is waiting to emerge like the sun at dawn, will do us proud and give our children safety, security and prosperity for centuries to come.