Date: 07/11/2014

1. News item, The Daily Telegraph, 7 Nov 14.

India on alert for terrorist attacks

Decrypted communications between the Indian Mujahideen group and al-Qaida have triggered alarm that India may be a target for terrorist attacks.

Officials told the Reuters news agency they had discovered plots to kidnap foreigners and turn India into a “Syria and Irak where violence is continuously happening.”

(NB: God will punish the incorrigible IDIOTS who embraced the enemy even after Partition!)

2. Letter published on 7 Nov 14. The Daily Telegraph, London.

Sir, The Prince of Wales has drawn our attention to the abuse of Christians in Muslim countries (report, Nov 5).

Until about 50 years ago, such countries as Iraq, Iran, Syria, Egypt and Yemen also had significant Jewish populations, communities which had existed, in some cases, for 3000 years or more, well before both Islam and Christianity existed.

For example, until the Sixties, about 30 per cent of population of Baghdad were Jews. All those who were not murdered in pogroms or hanged in public squares, such as the nine Jewish businessmen in Baghdad in 1969, fled, mostly to Israel, the United States , Britain and France.

Having rid themselves of their Jews- about 800,000 individuals- the focus has turned to Christians.

Danny Leiwy, Bushey Heath, Hertfordshire.