Date: 11/11/2014

Even though Mohd Gazni averred that he was not a trader of idols but a destroyer, hence he broke Somanath , his modern day followers are much more sophisticated, hence they not only destroy but also want to make money at the same time. Two birds in one shot. Taliban after blasting Bamiyan Buddha ,offered blasted pieces for sale. Fortunately no reports have appeared of any body buying them. Now the Islamic state jihadis like Taliban in Afghanistan are resorting to similar bargains with artifacts of ancient civilizations they are ruining.

Of course it does not have to be an Islamic iconoclasts to do this smuggling of heritage of entire nation. In India it was a big enterprise where ancient temple's statues , worshipful icons disappear especially from poorly guarded village temples in South India, only to appear in antique shops in Italy and other places, traveling there in diplomatic pouches. Obviously they are worth a lot, as even more stories have appeared which told us an entire island off coast of Greece was bought for a measly one billion dollars by the smuggler related to VViP of India. So the war against ancient civilizations and cultures is not unique in being waged by Islamic State alone but goes on against still living and vibrant culture and civilization of India, a secular socialist democracy. Crooks transcend all labels and they come in all disguises and in all colors,, red , green yes saffron also and so on.

That is why our Dharma says it is behaviour and conduct that counts not label. In the whole world only Sanatana, Vedic or Hindu Dharma that proclaims this truth but others insist unless and until one converts to their brand, no heavenly entry pass will be available.