Date: 20/11/2014

It used to be, farther away from Arabia, that much Islam practiced was moderate. Malaysia and Indonesia were thus free from excesses of Islamic fundamentalism for a long time. But not any more. Indonesia went through its catharsis. Islamic terrorism rose virulently and then thanks to Indonesian government firm handling, at present things appear to be well under control. In the same area, Singapore offers best example of curbing any trace of Islamic fundamentalism, though it has significant numbers of Muslims. No riots, no protests and nothing that comes near what happens in London. But Malaysia is a different story. It is becoming more and more fundamentalist with Shariat laws prevailing to the detriment of non-Moslems especially Hindu population. Here is yet another story in this regard which is similar to what is happening in Pakistan. If Malaysia continues to go through this route, the fate of it will not be dissimilar to that of Pakistan, down in the dumps. Progress is only possible when there is freedom, when people can lead life without fear. This is not the case in Pakistan,hope Malaysia which at present a fairly developed state , corrects the course away from Islamic fundamentalism for a better future. It is very strange that the government itself there issues e-fatwas.
We can say even India's Moslem fundamentalists are more moderate than Malaysian ones. We heard about objections to singing of Vandemataram but not to 'Iswara Allah tere nam' introduced into Tulsi Das poem Raghupati Rajaram by M K Gandhi.
The original poem extolling Sri Rama by Sage Tulsi Das went like this;
Ragupati Raghava Rajaram,
Patita Pavana Sita Ram,
Sundara vigraha meghasyam,
Ganga , tulasi, Salagram.