Date: 22/11/2014

Crazy defence by Conress'

NAGMA at BIG FIGHT SHOW TONIGHT on asking Why BJP did not unearth the unlawful activities of RAMPHAL

Congress representative, M/s Nagma when asked at this evening on NDTV's BIG FIGHT SHOW as to HOW and WHY the Congress CM in Haryana ( Capt. Amrender Singh ) has NOT taken any action against the GURU RAMPHAL all these years and WHY he was allowed to have his ASHRAM indulge in nefarious activities including hold hostage to so many people, etc., all these years, it was shocking to hear her say that BJP as the Opposition Party should have exposed him.

This would mean that Congress can indulge itself in all sorts of SCAMS, Unlawful activities, turn a blind eye to ALL Unlawful happenings and according to M/s Nagma, it is the responsibilityof the OPPOSITION parties to expose such Unlawful activities? By the same analogy, for All the scams and corruption deeds, she has given a clean chit to the Congress putting the onus on the Opposition parties to take cognizance of all such miusdeeds? What a horrible way of trying to defend the erring Congress party !!! It is indeed very shocking.