Date: 23/11/2014

"Gandhi did request repeatedly to dissolve the congress party after independence and before his death."

Before we mention Gandhi let us deal with Sonia first!

By the presence of this semi literate impoverished Italian (foreign) finger in the internal affairs of our ancient land of Divinity and Wisdom, we appear to the world as FOOLS.

Nowhere else on earth can such a DEVIOUS & CORRUPT impostor climb the ladder of political POWER so quickly while hundreds of millions of NATIVES must wonder, "Why is this Spiritual, Ideological and Political VACUUM in our land of great scholars, thinkers and warriors that we need this Italian female of UNKNOWN pedigree, family background, core Loyalty and Faith orientation so desperately as to overlook her contempt of our Temples and "way of life", and above all, the BILLIONS of rupees looted through umpteen scams and deals deposited in secret accounts abroad that are beyond the writ of law of our land unless it is a "BANANA REPUBLIC"!

More questions arise-

Why has our land NOT produced a stalwart and true patriot whose heart bleeds, seeing the "stitches of post-mutilation surgery" on the BODY of Bharat that run from the Himalayas to Bay of Bengal in the East and down to Arabian Sea in the West? (NB: the borders with the Islamic republics on either side denote these "stitches" on the body of Bharat!)

Why has our great country of one billion inhabitants not produced a single WOMAN who could challenge this Italian born IMPORT of "BOFORS CHOR" to lead the largest POLITICAL Party in Bharat and the largest democracy in the world? (What DEMOCRACY if she is the end blot on the dynastic lineage from Nehru through Maimoona (aka Indira) to Rajiv?)

Why can the combined Will of one billion Hindus (collective Hindu "SHAKTI") NOT override the veto by this foreigner against the word "Hindu" in the Constitution of Hindusthan where the Hindus are still a majority? (Same goes for the grand historic Ayodhya Temple that she OPPOSES bitterly!)

Why has the strong WIND OF CHANGE, now seeping through Pakistan under the DYNAMIC leadership of Maulana Abdul Qadri (Awami League) and Imran Khan (Tehrik-i-Insaf), NO counterpart in the whole of Hindusthan where even a Chief Minister (Mamata Banerjee) prefers to dress in Islamic "kurhta" and sit with folded hands as if praying to the Allah of Arabs? (See cover photo on "Organiser Weekly" from Delhi two weeks ago!)?

What is happening to the HINDU image and morale in Kerala, South Kashmir and West Bengal and the Sikh DRUG CULTURE in East Punjab, that all point to the setting sun in our picture, not the rising sun? Our popular reformist prime minister, Mr. Modi, cannot be the sole reformer in Bharat!

Now to Gandhi:

Why did Gandhi say after PARTITION, "Congress ought to be ABOLISHED!"? The reason that both Nehru and "coolie" media in Bharat concealed, is as follows:-

Gandhi loved India genuinely while Nehru's patriotism was dubious & nebulous. Gandhi's ideal of "Akhand Bharat" was SMASHED before his eyes due to total absence of cooperation & support by Nehru.

Gandhi was a conscientious man, a good Hindu. Nehru was a ROGUE.

The shock and grief of seeing his innermost wish "killed" so brutally, broke Gandhi's heart and made his brain split. He went numb and silent. He felt superfluous and redundant.

Like the raped virgin, violated by a "Mohammed", Gandhi blamed himself for the tragedy of seeing his "mother" (Bharat MAATA") raped and mutilated before his very eyes.

We need to enter the Court of King Solomon, the Just, where two contending women are claiming the custody of an infant. The King ordered the baby to be cut in two halves so that each women was given a half. On hearing the verdict the fraudster (NEHRU) agreed! But Gandhi cried out, "DON'T CUT MY BABY. GIVE IT TO MOAHMMED!"

But this time it was not the just King Solomon but a TREACHEROUS foreigner Mountbatten with Imperial interest and mischief on his mind, who regarded our dear "mother" a "PROSTITUTE" who could be raped by "Mohammed"! How did Gandhi feel?

One needs to be THERE and THEN to visualise the bloody drama called, "Viceroy's Verdict & Nehru's Vision!"

Furthermore, one needs to be GANDHI, the REAL son of Mother (India), to understand why he felt shattered and the "living dead".

Gandhi felt guilty for letting down his nation. To him the calamity of unconditional surrender of vast territories was the tragedy of Himalayan size while, in contrast, the same Partition for Nehru was a NON EVENT, not worth mentioning! The "coolie" press and all the "sarkari" media (Broadcasting was under State control) and ruling establishment echoed the speeches of Nehru. It was "Independence", NEVER Partition, and Nehru stood in dazzling limelight while Gandhi receded into a dark corner to repent in remorse- his soul in agony and grief, waiting for the honourable Son of Soil, a true patriot, Nathu Ram Godse, who would come to send Gandhi's agonised soul to Heaven.

What should the nation do to Congress Party? There are TWO versions, one for the ideal world, the other for the real world.

In the ideal world of King Solomon's Justice they would ALL be lined up and EXECUTED BY FIRING SQUAD for committing HIGH TREASON against their own country. But in reality Congress will not be disbanded nor will Sonia be packed off to ITALY to spend the rest of her life in the Pope's Basilica!