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---------------- Islam sects ---------------

Like other religions of the World, Islam also fettered into different "Sects" and "Sub-Sects" soon after the demise of "Prophet" Mohammed about 1450 years ago. First friction came out during the Prophet's life itself when he was badly defeated in a localized war at Mecca, by the local nomads, and had to flee and take shelter within the caves of Medina along with his 17 wives. His running away from Mecca to Medina is called "Hizri" and the Islamic calender took shape from this day on wards.

He was blessed with only two sons during his entire life but both died during their infancy of less than an year each. Ultimately, he was left with only one daughter, who became the mother of "Hazrat" Ali Hussain, the "Prophet" of Shias.

Since "Profit Mohammed" had not named anybody to take over the cause of "Islam" after his death, wars to capture the "leadership" began soon after him between "Prophet's" closet friend Abu Baker (leader of Sunnis} and Ali Hussain (Prophet's grand-son and leader of Shias) culminating into the latter's (and his entire herd's) annihilation at Karbala (Iraq) which is "breaved" by the Shias as "Muharram" and as "Victory" celebrated by the Sunnis, every year.

All democracies of the World have "Common Civil Code (or Law)", applicable to their entire population, irrespective of their religion/faith. This was so also in India even during British occupation from 1826 to 1927. Initially Britishers were very anti-muslims because of the mutiny of 1857 which was led by the last Mughal king. British Army searched each and every dwelling inside Delhi and its surrounding villages to kill each and every Muslim. They were so full of revenge towards Muslims that they locked all their mosques and mosoliums (including Jama Masjid and Lal Quilla in Delhi) and did not allow them to have their prayers (namaj) in any of them. It took more than 7 years for the Muslims to get their Jama Masjid unlocked and that too when a Hindu (banya a Jain) gave Rupees 4 Lakhs as damagaes to the Britishers on bebalf of the Muslim community.

Islam is not a single entity as has been (or is still being) propogated by their Imams, Mullahs and Political bosses. They have more than 63 castes or tribes even at present prevalent in India itself. And if Bangladesh, Indonesia, Algeirs, Oman, Sudan and other Arab countrie are taken into considerations, their numbers runs into hundreds.

Apart from Sunnis and Shias, muslims have sub-castes like
Boonkars etc. They all have their sparate Kabarstans (grave yards) and Mosques).
In the case of Kutchy Memons, their only holy literature was "Dash Avatar", in which nine avatars were Hindu Gods, the tenth avatar being 'Holy Ali'

It must be remembered that Muslims came to Hindustan as invaders either from Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Middle East etc and none of them brought their female along. Local females were raped or purchased, or kept as war booty and their produce became Hindustani Muslims (or Khemkani Hindus with muslim names - "khemkani" because they were produced under tents (in Urdu/Farsi a tent is called a "Khema" or a "Tambu").
Note - There used to be a separate Regiment of entirely "Khemkani" soldiers in Indian Armed Corps till atleast as late as 1987. I do not know whether it still exists or not. And same was the case in J&K Rifles with low caste muslims (called "Haattoos").------
Inspite of the fact that majority of the Indian muslims were invader's produce, they were never being distinguished like Anglo-Indians or "Majbhis" of Punjab. They converted but always remembered their Hindu lineage till about 1927 to which period they practiced almost all pratices of marriage विवाह , naming ceremony नामकरन, haldi handi हल्दी करन , siapa स्यापा (mourning), kanya daan कन्या दान , etc like other inhabitants of Hindustan. Idea of separatism in their ranks started with the "Khilafat (Califhate) movement" during early 1900s to which only a section of Muslims responded to. Mohd Ali Jinnah rejected it but Gandhi (and Congress) supported it. This was the first great mistake undertaken by The Indian National Congress which took us to partition of the country.

Apart from Gandhi, Jawahar Lal Nehru was another big culprit, who went on teasing Mohd Ali Jinnah every now and then and forced him to leave Indian National Congress and become a big hit with The Indian Muslim League. Result was a big disaster - it lingers on even now.