Date: 01/12/2014

What is important is the HUMAN MACHINE behind the weaponry. Vast arms deals are not necessarily the best defence. More important is the national UNITY.

The rag bag of Taliban have forced out the world's super power from Afghanistan.

A few Sikhs created a powerful Kingdom defying the Mogul Empire. It ruled till 1846 sealing the NW frontier against the Muslim invaders.

The Muslim minority prevailed on the Hindu majority in 1947.

How the well supplied Iraki army ran away, leaving the cities to savage I.S.

Earlier, how the ITALIAN army ran away and the Germans had to come down to Africa to rescue them.

How the brave Sikh army was supplied seeds instead of gun powder in Second Sikh War!

How Jai Chand betrayed Prithvi Raj and Hindusthan was defeated and enslaved "for ever"?

What respect and esteem do the Indian armed forces enjoy in the eyes of the "Gandhian" government? OROP is still not in sight! And a Lt Col was tortured and beaten up in an Indian jail only last week!

Who is the PRESIDENT of All India Congress Party? Is she INDIAN or ITALIAN? What about the CORRUPTION, like the Bofors deal, and the "million" other deals with commissions and bribes and scams?

How strong is the Superior Civil Authority that cannot repeal Article 370 of Constitution?

and so on....
Defence is a serious business, not for a country with the enemy IN and OUT, "foreign fingers" all over, and the majority community intimidated, divided, and confused with split loyalties.