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No country has been slave and under foreign and minority rule for so long if you care to see the history of the world. Bharat/Hindusthan / India has been under invaders since 712 A.D. until 15 Aug.1947 so for[ 1947 - 712 = 1235 ] 1235 years.First under Islamic-Muslim invaders from Mangolia to Afghanistan and then European-Christian from Denmark, Portugal, France, and England known as British Raj.Goa part of India had to wait another [1961-1947= 14] 14 years to be liberated from Portugesse occupation on 19 Dec.1961 Under the command of General J.N. Chaudhury.This was the monumental blunder on part of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi who made Jawaharlal Nehru as the first Prime Minister of this vast country although in the leadership contest Sardar Ballabh bhai Patel had won defeating Jawaharlal Nehru by14 votes to 1. This was a humiliating defeat for Nehru but M.K.Gandhi destroyed the ballot papers and strongly asked Patel so that Nehru could become the P.M. This further proves that Gandhi and Nehru did not have deep faith in democracy.
Most unfortunately and sadly after independence the country went into wrong and weak hands led by day dreamer Jawahar Lal Nehru who had no self respect and no respect for the indigenous heritage, history, geography , culture, religion, traditions , languages, heroes and heroines , festivals, morals , customs, holy places and Mandirs the centres of worship.He declared that he was an English man by education, an internationalist in views, a muslim by culture and a Hindu by an accident of birth.
Nehru further declared that he was the last Englishman to rule India and also cleared the path for his daughter to succeed him which she did a short period after death of Lal Bahadur Shastri in a mysterious manner at Tashkant, USSR. Due to Kamraj plan in which all senior and experienced Congress party leaders were asked to give up their posts and do the party work at grass root level in this way the path was clear for Indira to become Prime Minister. The Kamraj plan was introduced by Nehru in his last years in office.
As we know Rajiv Gandhi was made P.M. after Indira Gandhi's assassination in 1984 by two of her body guards. Rajiv was also killed by bomb blast in Tamilnadu by Litte fighters during an election rally. This way Nehru Gandhi dynasty took hold on Indian National Congress and became one family party when Sonia Maino- Gandhi became party president and all the senior congress leaders either retired or given posts for press briefing to clear the path for Raul/Rahul Gandhi as it was done by J.L.Nehru for Indira under Kamaraj plan. Now Congress has no leaders except Rahul Gandhi who is inexperienced, ill educated, and childish who lacks guts and fire in guts according to senior[ geriatric ] congress leaders.
Greedy and power mad congress has destroyed the unity of people in the country by the policy of appeasement of Muslims even against the constitution of India because every time they go beyond the constitution congress is taken to the court and there rebuked, humiliated and cautioned but shameless congress has taken no lessons..
The weakness of the leadership in congress has led to the border disputes with China, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
The Hajj subsidy to Muslims in India started by Jawahar Lal Nehru quietly in 1959 which costs more than Rupees 5oo karore [ five hundred karore] every year and this is even against Koran and out of 57 Muslim countries no Muslim nation gives the subsidy for Hajj pilgrimage.

HINDUS HAVE BEEN LOSER SINCE 712 A.D. Hindus lost under Muslim invasion/ rule due to terror, plunder, loot, forced conversion to Islam under sword,bluff, lies, assassinations, mini genocide, mass murders, Zazia tax, tortures, kidnapping etcs. The aim of Islam is the same to Islamise the whole of Indian subcontinent now more so due to enormous aid from Muslim oil rich countries with power of petrodollars available without limit for conversion of Hindus in particular and all non Muslims in general. This is for the first time on 16 May 2014 after [ 2014-712= 1302] 1302 years that a Hindu leader has come with majority in power in Delhi[ Hastinapur] to rule Bharat[ India].
Now the question arises about future of Hindus and everything attached word Hindu[ Jains, Buddhists, Sikhs, Vanavasis, Dalits],Hindu religion, Hindu heritage, Hindu culture, Hindu scriptures, Hindu festivals, Hindu Mandirs,Hindu literature, Hindu arts, Hindu fine arts,Hindu marshal arts, Hindu great men and women,Hindu history, Hindu saints, Hindu Yogis, Hindu sculptures, Hindu architecture, Hindu pride and Hindu way of life.
This is now or never situation for Hindus to plan, organise and implement for present and future , not only to survive but dominate to rule and rule to dominate at local, regional and national level for the good of the country and bring its glory back and crush the evil and evil doers in the national interest.
Hindus have no future unless and until they declare Hindusthan a Hindu Rashtra with Hinduism its state religion, no less no more this is what is required.This is the right step in the right direction and is the demand of majority because we had enough of stupid concept of secularism which has no place in a Dharmic country like Hindusthan the land of Gods, Gurus, Sants, brave and civilized people.