Date: 04/12/2014

If Nehru is not behind the killing of NETAJI, why was he indifferent and rather hostile
to him?

Why during his 17 years of premiership, strenuous efforts were not made to ascertain Netaji's where-abouts and demise?

There are alleged remains of Netaji in Japan, did Nehru ever go there and pay homage and or try to ascertain their authenticity?


Can we prove it? YES! Here are the main reasons:

Nehru was a secret convert to ISLAM. (Prove it, he was not!) He was the illegitimate son of a Mohammedan. As a Muslim his motivation was to DESTROY Hindusthan. He did that openly and in broad daylight. None could even squeak, "Traitor!" or "High Treason!" He was such an oversized "cat" for our simple, ignorant, timid and trusting nation of "mice". Even 70 years on, our simple, ignorant, timid and trusting Hindus still regard SONIA Maino as "one of us"! We can't even be INSPIRED by the Afghans! History has proved us to be the most gullible and trusting people on earth, holding the longest record of slavery on earth.

Nehru got his golden opportunity when the British announced their departure. He suggested to "brother" Jinnah to talk of "second nation" and demand Pakistan. Nehru simply "went along" with Partition. Gandhi, too, was tamely in tow. No protest, no boycott, no fast unto death!

Let no one even imagine that Nehru did not know or realize the deadly devastating IMPLICATIONS of the "Pakistan Resolution" of March 1940. He was a barrister, not a rickshaw puller! What did he say or do about this DEMOCLES' SWORD hanging over India's head? NOTHING.

Mention "Khalistan", and see all the Congress Party catch FIRE and shout in rage, "KILL THE TRAITORS!" but mention "Pakistan" and see all the Congress Party men & women melt like ice with affection, even lick it like ice cream! Don't we know the reason? Yes, we do. We are not so dumb or foolsl

Jawaharlal Nehru was a secret convert to ISLAM. So he loved Pakistan and hated India. He was too smart for all the Hindu scholars, stalwarts, professors, historians and doctors put together, to see through him.

Just as we (including all the Hindu scholars, stalwarts, professors, historians and doctors put together) ignore the ITALIAN born "White Elephant" today, we ignored Jenab NEHRU then!

Let us look closely at NEHRU: Without demanding Referendum he gave away FIVE provinces of India knowing fully well that all the Hindus there will be exterminated or forced out of their lands, homes and businesses. A Hindu, even most secular, could not sign off Lahore and Dhaka for a song! After all we regard DHARTI as MAATA! Nehru was not a Hindu. To him, like a pimp, India was a PROSTITUTE that could be held down by Mountbatten and RAPED by Jinnah.

Nehru appointed Shaikh Abdullah as Prime Minister, NOT as chief minister!

He put Article 370 in Constitution that applies ONLY to one State, (the Muslim majority) Jammu & Kashmir.

When our Armed Forces were advancing in Kashmir Nehru got jitterbugs and ran to UNO begging for cease fire to save North Kashmir for his Pakistani brothers.

He started and encouraged rampant CORRUPTION in the country.

He re-organised India on language basis thus destroying the unity and cohesion of the indigenous communities.

Without any proper preparations and without any military Intelligence he ordered the armed forces to "THROW OUT THE CHINESE!" Nehru was personally responsible for the death of our brave soldiers. He had to be tried for criminal negligence and sent to jail, or executed by firing squad like Mussolini.

Nehru, an alleged illegitimate son of a Mohammedan bootlegger was a dirty rotten debauch and a scoundrel who even at India's worst hour was busy seducing the Viceroy's wife. He had NO time for the millions of Hindus and Sikhs being slaughtered and the streams of grieving widows and crying orphans pouring into Bharat. Many were left to starve and perish.

That was NEHRU, the enemy, masquerading as a patriot, who deceived the nation by pretending to be a freedom fighter. To act ruthless against OWN people, be they Sikhs in Punjab or the Tamils in Sri Lanka, was typical of Nehru and his dynasty.

Intrigues, conspiracies, assassinations and murders came naturally to Nehru Dynasty, mixed up with ISLAM and Italian MAFIA.

What they could do, and did, to eliminate any threat to their power and position is beyond the imagination of the pious non violent Hindus. No wonder we hold world record in slavery and being deceived and fooled by our enemies!

Hindus trust the foreigners like NO other nation on earth. Hindus trust their leaders like Nehru, Indira (Maimoona Begum) and Rajiv BLINDLY without bothering to find out their secret intentions.

By eliminating NETAJI Nehru benefited immensely- not only he acquired the top job in Hindusthan but also ensured it for his coming generations. Above all he deleted the word PARTITION from Constitution and public memory since he was the main criminal. Having accepted ISLAM for Pakistan he crushed the word HINDU under his foot and made sure that everybody was Secular.

What can be bigger calamity for the native religions that they do not appear in the country's Constitution. Nehru made the Hindus sheep to "confront" the highly charged and well resourced foreign PREDATORS in our Bharat.

It speaks volumes for self negation and inferiority complex of HINDUS to entrust something so precious as their LAND (COUNTRY) and RELIGION to a rascal like NEHRU who proved to be worse than any enemy because he posed to be a patriot while destroying Hindusthan - not only territorially.

So dear Hindus, beware of the enemy tricks. Nehru's "brother" Jinnah was given Pakistan without much ado but to get possession of the Temple site in Ayodhya the Hindus are asked to "go to supreme court" and the timid lot obediently run to the supreme court!!

So, let us be smart and brave and categorically state that JAWAHARLAL NEHRU, who called the men of INA terrorists and criminals and wanted them all to be court martialled and dismissed in disgrace, was behind the death of Netaji Bose in Russia. Russia at that time was an ALLY of Britain and Britain was the MENTOR of Nehru. So Truth was easily "killed" and suppressed in Nehru's Imperial game.

Governments do not release the files on Netaji's death saying, "It will embarrass somebody." But who will be embarrassed by such disclosures? Neither the Soviet Union nor Marshal Stalin exist now and nor does the collaborator Clement Attlee is alive. The main criminal, RASCAL Jawaharlal Nehru, is dead, too. Even if the revelation would embarrass anyone the embarrassment cannot be greater that to see Britain and Germany, the arch enemies in 1940's now sitting in ONE building in Brussells, called the European Union. The animosities have vanished among the major world powers. In comparison ex colony India means very little to Russia, EU or the USA.

So let us be OUT with Truth and name NEHRU. The onus of proof now lies with Congress, his Muslim "brothers", the UK and the Italian MAFIA.