Date: 05/12/2014


This week (early December, 2014) there was a big uproar against a lady minister in Bharat who referred to the two kinds of people in the country like the PANDAVAS and the KAURAVAS in ancient times.

People sometimes use FIGURATIVE, NOT LITERAL, invectives to show their anger. One of these is the word "Haraami" or "Haraamzaade" ("BASTARD" in English).

The lady minister said this word to refer collectively to the tribe of foreigners, ill-wishers of Bharat and to their despicable stooges, especially to Sonia Maino Gandhi, her discredited All-India Congress Party, and her ignorant servile supporters who, until May last, were the last word in India and free to loot and plunder, "divide & rule", trample over our feelings, and remit millions of rupees abroad into their secret accounts.

Not able to face the "music" the minister apologised and showed her own weakness and lack of conviction.

She should NOT have apologised but issued a statement to explain her reasons for using the term, including the following points, to silence her enemies. (Unfortunately in Bharat the Hindus have more enemies than all the crows on earth).

Since the Hindus are not very often in the chairs of rulers there is a natural tendency to be unsure of the future (that sinking feeling we all share, "Chaar din ki chaandni, phir andheri raat!") and feel insecure. So she apologised.

Luckily for her, Mr Modi proved to be a strong man and did not sack her.

Let us look at the recent past and recall the times when we ourselves threw the word "HARAAMI"

OR "HARAAMZAADE" at our almighty rulers, starting with Dictator Jawaharlal Nehru.

1. When he accepted the UNCONDITIONAL surrender of five provinces of India without demanding Referendum and without insisting on Population Exchange, we shouted at him, "Haramzaada!"

2. When millions of Hindus were forced out of their homes in Pakistan to come to Partitioned India in rags and penniless, we shouted at our cowardly leaders, "Haramzaade!"

3. When total ethnic cleansing of Hindus was going on in Pakistan but we saw the MUSLIMS in Bharat unperturbed and, living happily in their homes, we shouted at both Gandhi and Nehru, "Haraamzaade!"

4. When two Constitutions replaced the one of India, we found one of them totally ISLAMIC but the other of religious / spiritual / moral VACUUM. Logically, the other had to be HINDU! The sheer contrast between the two came as a shock to us.
We were doubly shocked to realize that Islam from Arabia was actually foreigner in Bharat while our own Hindu religion was native. Only fools or those who feel themselves INFERIOR put the foreign above their own. We abused NEHRU "Haraamzaada!" for insulting our supreme native religions.

5. When we did not see the word "Partition" in India's Constitution and when we did not see this "Vidhan" mention the part of India that we had left behind, we felt a sinking feeling like the loss of an arm or a leg from our body.
Nehru's Constitution made each one of us feel like a limbless cripple. The Constitution of TRUNCATED India was not only alien to us but also disgusting because we had grown up strongly "relating" to the pre Partition India in her magnificent and decent map outline. We called all the writers of this Constitution, "Haraamzaade!"

6. When Nehru ordered the seasoned soldiers of the Indian army, who had fought in two world wars gaining victories and winning gallantry awards, to stop advancing in Kashmir but to cease fire, the officers and “Jawans” of the Indian army shouted at NEHRU, “Bloody Bastard!” That was equivalent of calling Jawaharlal Nehru, “Haraamzaada!”

7. When Article 370 was put in Constitution to reward the only Muslim majority State in India, placing it above all the Hindu/Sikh States, and when this Article made the Indians "niggers" ("dogs") without any right to buy property in that State, we called NEHRU "Haraamzaada!".

8. Nehru, the sworn enemy of Hindus, professing to be secular, forced his own Spiritual & Moral VACUUM upon us. His government washed their hands off the upkeep and maintenance of our holy places of worship (temples and gurdwaras). It was even more hurtful to see the Government taking control of temples while leaving the mosques and churches alone! We called the "Hindu bashing" Government "Haraamzaade!"

9. When we noticed that the Government talked of "Hindu fundamentalism" and Hindu threat to the UNITY of India, never mentioning the Muslim fundamentalism that was responsible for immense bloodshed and the mutilation of India, we called the treacherous lot "Haraamzaade!"

10. When the petty “baboos” (“sloths” in Indian offices) made us pay bribes before doing what was expected of them, when they asked us to come the next day while gossiping or drinking tea or coming late to office, when they made ordinary citizens' life HELL, we called the "Captain of the ship" (PRESIDENT) "Haraamzaada!" for being so useless in his ornamental office.

11. When they asked the NRI's to renounce Indian citizenship (cut the "umbilical cord" with our motherland), and return our passports on applying for British or American citizenship, and when they ignored the fact that most of us were BORN IN BHARAT, we called the Prime Minister of "coolie colony" India "Haraamzaada!"

12. When they subsidized the Muslims, accompanied by a State cabinet minister, going to the grand mosque in Mecca for Hajj while determined to keep our own grand temple in AYODHYA as a RUIN, we called the "Hindu basher" government, "Haraamzaade!"

13. When we saw CORRUPTION and SCAMS everywhere that left all the essential services like hospitals, schools, roads, toilets, health & hygiene, neglected, we called the corrupt RULERS, "haraamzaade!"

14. When Maimoona Begum put her own Islam above our Secularism by returning East Pakistan to ISLAM even after capturing it, we called her, "Haraamzaadi!"

15. When Maimoona Begum released 90 thousand Pakistani PsOW before recovering North Kashmir from the enemy, we saw her disloyalty (and High Treason) to Bharat and called her, “HARAAMZAADI!”

16. “When Maimoona Begum maliciously chose the anniversary of martyrdom of Guru Arjun Dav ji to launch her army attack on Golden Temple in Amritsar instead of raising the historic Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya, all the Hindus, as well as the Sikhs, shouted at her (fooling the nation under the name “Indira Gandhi”), “HARAAMZAADI!”

17. When Rajiv succeeded his mother who, in turn, had succeeded her father in the office of Prime Minister, thus "killing" true democracy, we called him "Haraamzaada!"

18. When Rajiv went to Cambridge for studies but lost his heart at the foot of an au pair from Italy, saying, “Today my head is at your feet. Tomorrow my Hindusthan will be under your foot,” all the girls (“devis”), born and living, in Bharat felt degraded and insulted. Each and every one of them, FIGURATIVELY speaking, spat at Rajiv for his lack of pride in the country of his birth. He, being the prime minister’s son, was the role model of Indian youth. All the Indian (native) womanhood forgot the feminine protocol and called him “HARAAMZAADA!”

19. When “Bofors Chor” took $50 million commission from the Bofors Gun Company of Sweden but asked the Indian coolie media to project his image as “Mr Clean” before the world, we called him “HARAAMZAADA!”

20. Nehru and Daughter did not permit any native of land to manufacture a “people’s” car till 1970. Finally, out of all the contenders, the prime minister’s own son was selected to produce the car. Although Sanjay had no experience, design proposals or links with any corporation, he was awarded the monopoly, the lucrative contract and the exclusive production licence. The frustrated middle class, aspiring to travel by anything better than a donkey cart or rickshaw, but kept frustrated and waiting for 24 years for the “people’s car”, called the corrupt prime minister, “HARAAMZAADI!”

21. When Maimoona Begum played “cat and mouse” game with simple and honest Bhandranwale (endless cycle of futile negotiations, release & arrest, again negotiations, release and arrest, till frustration!) in order to confuse the Sikhs, destroy the peace in East Punjab, and to cause Hindu-Sikh rift, those who could clearly see through her treacherous “Islamic” designs, called her “HARAAMZAADI”!
The evil “Witch” in the prime minister’s chair chose the magnificently built and internationally renowned place of pilgrimage carefully, in order to destroy Bharat’s historic spiritual & architectural heritage, not just to arrest Bhindranwale. The real target was the Sikh Reference Library containing priceless manuscripts and the magnificent structure of Sri Akal Takht Sahib, containing irreplacelable historic artefacts and unique realia. She regarded the killings of hunderds of innocent men, women and children, present at the shrine to celebrate the Gurpurb, merely “collateral damage”!
She certainly deserved what she got. Her brave assassins thought of all the innocent blood shed by her and shouted “HARAAMZAADI!” before shooting her dead.
She went the way of the “Kafir-Killer” Mogul invaders who desecrated the holy place in the previous centuries.

22. The despicable act of Rajiv Gandhi, who encouraged the genocide of the innocent Sikhs in Delhi and elsewhere in India after his mother’s assassination, made many abuse him, “HARAAMZAADA!”
Cries of the grieving mothers, wives and daughters of those murdered Sikhs, still waiting for justice, must have been heard by God to send the brave Tamil mother to avenge their grief.
She struck on May 21, 1991, thus finally uprooting the Hindu-bashing corrupt Nehru Dynasty, falsely called “Gandhis”, from the political scene of Bharat. It took further 23 years (till May 16, 2014) before we saw a proud Hindu, genuine Son of Soil, step forward to free our enslaved Bharat from these alien Hindu bashing “dogs and bitches” (all “HARAAMZAADE”)

Esteemed readers can suggest some more occasions when they shouted (even silently) "Haraamzaade" at their own tormentors, “Baboos and Sarkar”, in Bharat.

Please tell the truthful honest minister to read this and become brave and smart. A Hindu does NOT apologise or take his/her words back. The minister is on her own territory. And going by the principle, "One for all and all for one," let us all back up this apologetic minister in the "LION'S" (Narendra Modi's) cabinet.

Let us remind the Lady Minister, who was not brought to Bharat by some "Bofors Chor", that when confronting the "wolves" we ought to behave like the "lions"!