Date: 07/12/2014

We have the same gut feeling that without revolution or a final decisive civil war (that is inevitable, and for which the Hindus are NEVER prepared) the real Hindu Nation is not going to emerge unscathed from the social chaos and doldrums & political haze and cloud, of the present time.

The ship has been torpedoed too often, and every time more rats came in. The repairs carried out were temporary & perfunctory. The job was done superficially, never soundly and permanently.

Partition, too, was the plea of the Weak, facing the imagined (perceived) Muslim "OGRE", "Take away Territory. Leave me alone!"

The result was not a happy satisfied 'Mohammed'. The perennial predators promptly invaded Kashmir to extend their "kafir-killer" empire.

The idea of cease-fire by collaborator Nehru was to (1) deny the joy of victory to our Jawans; and (2) wear down our resistance and later, first Kashmir and then the Rest of Hindusthan, too, was to go to Islam.

We cannot think of any other reason for ensuring NO population exchange in 1947, and then to go for the permanent inviolable "cease fire" in Kashmir. Article 370 is the guarantee of autonomy of J & K State and its separate identity- and none dare repeal it! It makes the Supreme Commander, who cannot buy even a shack in Srinagar, look like a "dog" to the whole world.

The real Saviour, Man of Century was Subhash Chandra Bose who had welded the nation as one man for the final victory but Nehru looked at him through the eyes of Louis Mountbatten, declared him traitor and pressed on the British to send him to Moscow and "eliminate" him there like Lal Bahadur Shastri years later.

Hindusthan was not to have a Hindu on top under any circumstance.

To reward the enemies there are our IGNORANCE and deeply entrenched SLAVISH MENTALIY, and chronic FEAR- ever ready to serve any foreign fool or idol.

The need of the hour is someone like KEMAL ATATURK who reformed his people beyond anyone's imagination and put his country along the way to modernisation and progress.

Mr Modi could still be our "Kamal Ataturk" but he has to be (physically) guarded day and night because Hindusthan is not to have a Hindu on top under any circumstance.

The Gandhi statuette displayed prominently in his office is meant to show his Secularism and his "love of Mohammed" but the enemy is no fool to be moved by such gestures.

To them a Hindu in any robe, shape, size, colour and manner, is a Hindu- a Kafir.

Had Modi felt strong, standing at the helm of the Hindu nation, the statuette would have been of Vivekananda, Shivaji, even Guru Gobind Singhji.

Finally, Modi ALONE cannot defeat and destroy TWO deeply entrenched hostile forces in Bharat that are in collaboration to wipe out the Hindus in Hindusthan: 1. MUSLIMS who were kept by Nehru intentionally at Partition, telling them, "I have given you the STEPPING STONE to Delhi." And 2. Italian Mafia that has acquired extraordinary POWER through Sonia Maino Gandhi, the President of All-India Congress Party- a Party that a vigilant nation would have wiped out when they agreed to the vast TERRITORIAL surrenders without a single condition.

It is realism, not sentiment or emotion, to say that the Hindu nation is at the crossroads of history, moving towards a new Era of Slavery that promises to be darker than anything seen in the previous millennium.

Dynamic social resurgence & ideological clean up had to begin on May 16 last with a million men marching towards Ayodhya.