Date: 09/12/2014


This documentary on SUBHASH CHANDRA BOSE is an historic TREASURE. We have never seen anything like this before.

We bet most Indians, too, have never seen it before! In fact, the "pretender" Government of India ("KAURAVAS"), led by corrupt NEHRU DYNASTY in alliance with ITALIAN MAFIA and the MUSLIMS, never educated their Indian slaves on NETAJI BOSE, his patriotism, leadership qualities and sacrifices to liberate the British Indian colony.

In the last 67 years the official media and the Indian coolie press have only adored and praised Nehru and Gandhi as real freedom fighters and saviours of Bharat. These "DOGS" never even hinted that India would NOT have been divided up between Hindus and Muslims had NETAJI been alive in 1947.

The Documentary is very comprehensive and well prepared and its objectivity and authenticity are evident from the very beginning till the end. We are also privileged to see his wife and daughter, residents of Austria, in this documentary.

The last few seconds bring out clearly traitor Jawaharlal NEHRU'S personal interest in eliminating Netaji in order to get India dropped into his own lap by the British masters. The "democracy" of Nehru, with the prime minister's office going from him to his daughter and later to his grandson, was an insult to the nation and a vulgar joke on democracy.

Nehru, as we saw his character, personality and misdeeds later, would have gone to any length to secure his own position as the sole master of India. No one saw him grieving over the surrender of five provinces or the massacres and the millions of grieving refugees forced out of their homes. He was an expert in dividing the nation, setting one community against the other and pampering the Muslims regardless of Hindus' fears and feelings, and despite PARTITION!.

The ignorance & cowardice of the Hindu nation and their foolishness in trailing behind the Italian MAFIA and the bogus "Gandhis" is legendary.

Netaji's GENIUS and remarkable personality had NO parallel in the 20th Century India. Definitely India would have been a very different country had he been allowed to live by the hostile scheming forces that were backing traitor, JL NEHRU, the sworn enemy of the Hindus (and Sikhs).

The documentary also shows the bravery and patriotism of the Sikhs who readily follow anyone holding the torch of liberty. Subhash Chandra Bose was their ideal hero. No wonder there is a special place for the Sikhs in HINDU (especially Bengali) hearts.

In this documentary the Sikhs are seen in very positive light. That's why Nehru and his anti national corrupt Dynasty were, and are, after their blood.

We ought to give this documentary widest publicity.

3 Dec 14.
Thanks to the patriot who sent this link.

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Today everyone remembers Gandhi and Nehru but we have forgotten about the real Hero named Subhash Chandra Bose.

This is a documentary about a great Indian Leader. He was a such a great leader who encouraged thousands of troops from different religions from all over India to stand up as one, and raised an army called AZAD HIND FAUJ (SENA) for the ultimate goal of Freedom from British Rule.

This documentary will tell you the great tale about this brave freedom fighter and every Indian and Pakistani must see this.

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