Date: 10/12/2014

This Nehru bastard has ruined India in all directions. It is wondering to see how this idiot Rajnath Singh is continuing the same attitude like the Khangress. Some body write a letter to Rajnath Singh to stop acting like a bloody Khangress agent. Wondering why this fellow Rajnath singh wants to conceal the matter about the death of Subash Chandra Bose. I think atleast they should tell where Subash Chandra Bose died . They can give some details without giving all the details and putting relations with other countries at risk.



You are absolutely RIGHT that Nehru, the Scoundrel, wanted the "throne" so desperately for himself that he could tolerate NO rival in capturing India after the departure of the British colonial masters.

To him his own "throne" ("gaddi") was immensely more important than any principle of democracy, qualms of patriotism and even the sacred TERRITORY of Bharat that we call "Bharat Maata"!.

Nehru "eliminated" Netaji, the true son of India. He then RULED like a dictator, like an AUTOCRAT creating a halo around his head with the help of world's most despicable "coolie" media. Most of them are still more loyal to Sonia of Italian Mafia than to a genuine patriot N. Modi.

In his version of secularism the Muslim Minority had to be more privileged than the crushed Hindus. In his democracy his own daughter, and no one else, was to rule India after him and in his ethical view CORRUPTION went hand in hand with FRAUD & DECETION.

Even to his daughter whatever father gave to Mohammed became Islamic for ever. Hence she did not annex East Bengal after crushing the Paki army. These "dogs and bitches" of Dynasty then banned the word "PARTITION" so no one could cast any doubt on Nehru's high treason.

By eliminating Subhash, Nehru the "Dog" gave us-

1, Partitioned India on the dead body of Akhand Bharat.

2 Muslims as PERENNIAL Kafir Killer Second Nation in our midst ONCE AGAIN.

3. World's largest FIFTH COLUMN that will be ever ready to serve Mohammed but betray Sri Krishna, Sri Rama and Guru Nanak.

4. Through CORRUTION total neglect of India's sanitation, hospitals , schools, roads and even free media.

5. The last 67 years have set Bharat BACK socially and economically by a HUNDRED years.

6. They put the foreigner above the native- ITALY ABOVE INDIA.

7. They kept Kashmir as festering Ulcer in Bharat's mutilated BODY.

Through Islamic terrorism there, they ensure NO tourists, NO income and NO prosperity, but MILITANCY.

8. They imposed Article 370 to keep Kashmir permanently a MUSLIM MAJORITYI State so that eventually it drops off like a ripe apple from the tree.

9. They insulted Hindu religion and temples, and our way of life to convert us all to their own bogus secularism.

Imagine a land so rich in Divinity to be declared Secular and imagine a land with NO connection with Mohammed or Mecca to be pushed under the ISLAMIC flag, eg. Sindh and East Bengal!

10. They ran down our moral values by making the Bollywood rascals semi gods and heroes for the Hindu youth.

11. Permitting the Mohammedans to seduce and marry any number of Hindu girls and then CONVERT them to crude and savage creed from the Desert of Arabia.

12. Encouraging conversions to Islam and Christianity and making it impossible for a Hindu lad to walk with a Muslim female. Both will be KILLED because it violates the "honour" of the world's MOST dishonourable!

13. Step motherly attitude to NRI's. They are told to KEEP AWAY. Don't pass on ideas to the "native coolies". Hence on applying for another citizenship they must surrender their Indian passports to be treated as aliens. But the Italian "mother of all" can travel to Italy & India without any hitch. She is most welcome at BOTH ends.

14, Created a dead bureacracy in which nothing moves and none is trusted. Bribe the baboos for an inch of progress. The Almighty baboos can sit on your file for months, delay replying to you for years and even declare, "There is no trace of your letter in this office!"

15. Corruption and harrassment at airports. Every NRI has a story to tell and if all are recorded, it will show Bharat to be a HELL for the Indian tourists but a paradise for the foreigners, especially Italians.

16. The worst is their audacity to INSULT and DEGRADE the native HIndu girls by prefering FOREIGN females. Rajiv saw NO beauty, loyalty of talent in any Indian girl and now Rahul is waiting to import his Catholic spouse from Latin America. The son of a bi*ch is just waiting to be prime minister so that his Veronica can arrive in Delhi with fanfare, red carpet laid out, and Royal salute by a Battalion of Sikh or Gurkaha soldiers. They know that she will become "Rashtramata" No. 2 of Hindusthan and a big boost to the Pope in Rome.

TH LIST OF THEIR DISSERVICE, EVEN TREACHERY, NEGLECT & INSULT to our land of rishis and scholars is endless. We could go on.

If one was to record the CRIMES of Nehru and his Dynasty we will get enough material from each and every citizen of Bharat to fill a MILLION volumes.

Our knowledge has to be disseminated to raise GENERAL awareness of public, and then ACTION must follow to usher in real RAM RAJYA.

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Dear All,

The enclosed letter is a undoubted evidence, that, Bloody Nehru along with Brits and Russia conspired to get Netaji Subhas shifted to Russia after the surrender of Japan in August 1945. The Brits with Japan then made up a COCK and BULL story to hoodwink the COOLIE Indians first and the entire world. How come Nehru flashed the news of Netaji air crash even before the Brits did?

If anyone is telling me, that, Gandhi and Patel, who all along opposed Netaji, did not know this devious game of Nehru, then you are a damn squab.

The most shameful role of BJP is their desperation to protect Nehru and fake Gandhis and betraying the Bose family and the nation by not de-classifying the Mukharjee Commission Report.

A picture of Netaji addressing the INA is also enclosed.

Jai Hind and Vande Mataram,