Date: 18/12/2014

How effective was "Bandit" NEHRU in wiping out the memories of bloody massacres of 1947 is seen by the fact that we hardly see a reference to identical murders of innocent children, even babies, all over Pakistan, not just in Peshawar at Partition of India.

Even in Peshawar there were thousands of Hindu and Sikh families living peacefully. Will someone throw light on their sudden disappearance in that year?

We are EYE WITNESSES to such scenes of wailing parents whose only one son was killed, of mothers who sent their daughters to school but they were abducted on the way and never returned, of the priests killed in temples and of the gurdwaras set on fire with scared families taking shelter inside.

It is CRIMINAL to forget our own history. As slaves under the Congress bandits we could not write up on the fate of all the Hindus who were surrounded and slaughtered and those who were burnt alive after their houses were set on fire and those pursued in flight and hacked to death, and all such horrendous beastly misdeeds of the followers of Mohammed in the year when Bharat was BROKEN UP finally.

If the small Jewish community can set up their Holocaust Museums in all major cities of the world, what "snake has bitten" our HINDU and Sikh leaders that they dare NOT get research done and full account written up.

If we are an HONOURABLE nation then the fate of each and every Hindu, who is no more in Karachi, Hyderabad, Quetta, Multan, Lahore, Gujranwala, Jehlum, Sialkot, Rawalpindi, Attock, Kohat, Peshawar, Bannu and Mardan should be written up, as well as of those who perished in the East, from Sylhet to Chittagong.

This historic TASK is so vital that even space exploration can be put on hold for a year and all attention turned to establishing Hindu Holocaust Museums and Memorials to the sacred memory of Hindus killed by MUSLIMS.

Those Muslims who may object to such Memorials of their bestiality, should be pushed out to PAKISTAN. Having got their Islamic country there is NO need for them to stick to Land of KAFIRS unless they have evil designs against us.

We need to confront the "Devils" head on, and if weak, then we must become strong unless we don't mind losing The Rest, too, to these MUSLIM murderers who are being described as "BEASTS" by the mothers of those 132 children killed in Peshawar two days ago.