Date: 20/12/2014

"They are not humans. They are beasts, animals," shout the callers on Radio and TV shows all over Pakistan.

On December 16 this year (2014), the whole nation and the Pakistanis living abroad, plunged into grief and mourning after the shooting of 132 pupils and nine staff including the head teacher, at an army school in Peshawar.

The young mothers are shown on television, fainting, overcome with grief, exactly the scenes that we saw in 1947. Then it was not one school or village where the Hindus and Sikhs were hunted down like animals by the followers of Mohammed of Mecca but the entire countryside with heavily populated large towns and cities like Karachi, Hyderabad, Quetta, Multan, Lahore, Lyallpur, Rawalpindi, Jehlum, Sialkot, Bannu, Kohat, Mardan and Peshawar, was laid waste. Smoke and fires were rising from the burning homes, often with Hindu families trapped inside. Thereafter the hunt turned into pursuit of the millions who were trying to escape, fleeing in several miles long foot convoys, trekking across the hostile countryside towards (what was left of) India.

What the whole world has discovered on December 16, 2014, we saw with our own eyes throughout that year of "Hindu Holocaust", 1947.

At that time Radio stations were State owned and controlled, and television had not yet entered homes. Above all, the main criminal, traitor and collaborator was none else but PANDIT JAWAHARLAL NEHRU, who went to discuss Independence but returned with the news of UNCONDITIONAL surrender of ONE THIRD OF HINDUSTHAN to the savages and barbarians who are now seen as "beasts and animals" by the Pakistanis themselves!

The following report published in "The Times", London, is vital since it has brought out the plight of HINDUS in Islamic Pakistan, particularly the fate of their girls, the primary target of Mohammedans everywhere when they get "high" on Koran and Hadis.

Sadly, we Hindus are notorious for the WEAKNESS of NOT "RELATING" to fellow Hindus, not even to our TERRITORY!

Our behaviour is exactly the same as that of the sheep who do not unite at the moment of utmost danger to all, in order to confront the wolf and gore the beast to death with sheer horns. A UNITED Hindu nation with the mood to teach the separatist "BAS*ARDS" a lesson would have prevented Partition and seen mischief monger Mohammed Ali Jinnah sentenced to death by hanging, or life time imprisonment in jail, on the charge of HIGH TREASON. PATRIOTS like Nathu Ram Godse would have "attended" to NEHRU, too, for collaboration with the enemy.

Due to our disunity, lack of motivation and leadership, our enemy succeeded in destroying our country and wiping out the Hindus in Pakistan. Yet, even after Partition we never saw the Government of Partitioned India under anti Hindu "Dynasty and Congress" issuing a warning to the rebel Islamic State to ensure the safety and dignity of the Hindus trapped there under Islamic Constitution!

Either through DISHONESTY or COWARDICE the Government of India washed their hands off the Hindu existence in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

We expect the new nationalist Government under Shri Modi to look closely at the BETRAYAL of India and the Hindus in 1947 and offer to take back ALL the Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh who detest the virulent Islamic Constitution of that country and wish to emigrate. It is, in fact, India's DUTY, not only MORAL OBLIGATION, to do so.

We, as a nation, ought to show guts and moral courage to acknowledge that not only our leaders betrayed India but also the HINDUS left on the other side of the hostile borders.

When India does this it will mean new life for our degraded and persecuted fellow Hindus and an end to abduction and rape of "fatherless, defenceless, helpless" Hindu girls there. They are still the "Daughters of Hindusthan", since Partition was imposed upon them without Referendum or population exchange, and deserve our manly approach to their safety and dignity.

Below: Report published in The Times, London, dated December 16, 2014.

Children snatched off street by Muslim gangs

The Times, Tuesday Dec 16, 2014* P. 32.

*(The day of massacre of children in Peshawar! It was the pain of the grieving Hindu mother of the abducted girl that turned into WRATH OF ALLAH to smite the �good� Muslim children in Peshawar. Verily, for God there is NO difference between a Momin and an atheist or a Kafir!)

Hindu girls forced to convert and marry, writes Robin Pagnamenta.

The kidnap gang armed themselves with AK-47s and pistols for their mission, but this wasn�t a Jihadist hostage taking, or even the latest brutal convulsion of gang warfare. It was the operation to seize a 12-year old girl, and her value was not for propaganda but for marriage.

As five men dragged Anjali from her home and into a car, she fought back, losing her chador and sandals. Like thousands of other Hindu girls in southern Pakistan, she had been targeted for forced conversion to Islam through marriage to a Muslim.

�A lot of people saw it happen,� said her father Kundan , 48, a disabled shopkeeper, who was at work when the gang pounced at the family�s home in Daharki, a town 340 miles north of Karachi, in October. He has not seen his daughter since.

In Sindh, an arid province bordering India where the bulk of Pakistan�s Hindus live, such kidnappings are common.

�Every month we hear of about 20 cases,� says Raj Kumari, a Hindu activist whose 19-year old niece, Rinkle Kumari, was abducted in 2012. �We think the real figure is much higher because in rural areas they often never get reported.�

Pakistan�s dwindling community of Hindus, which makes up 1.9 percent of the country�s estimated 182 million people, is battling for survival. A 1998 census showed there were three million Hindus living in Sindh, representing about 10 per cent of the province�s 30 million people. By 2014, despite a near doubling of the state�s population to 55 million, the Hindu population had fallen to about 2.7 million, Mr (sic) Kumari said.

He said that the practice of kidnapping of young Hindu girls for marriage to Muslim men had accelerated a trend to emigrate. He says the crime often receives unofficial approval from the police and government.

�In Pakistan there is a state religion,� he says. �They want to clean all the Hindus out of Sindh. Sometimes they kidnap their girls for one night, rape them and dump them.�

Pakistan�s Hindu population has struggled since independence (sic) in 1947, when more than four million Hindus and Sikhs fled for India after the sub continent was partitioned. The exodus included most of the region�s elite Hindus, such as the Hinduja family, which originated in Sindh and is now the richest Asian family in Britain.

Many of those left behind were poor and ill-educated, adding to the challenges faced by the community in recent years as Pakistan veered towards Islamic extremism.

Bina Shah, an author living in Karachi, said the issue was complex. In some incidents, women willingly convert to Islam in order to marry a man of their choice. In others, brides are simply kidnapped against their will.

Defending the rights of Hindus in Pakistan can be dangerous. Last year, Saleem Khursheed Khokhar, a critic of forced conversion of girls, narrowly survived a drive-by shooting.

Mr Kumari has also received death threats: �I get calls at night. They tell me to stop helping the Hindus or they�ll kill me.�

The police finally managed to take Anjali into custody, but a judge refused to hand her back to her family. �He was scared that extremists would kill him so he turned her over to a Muslim-run shelter home in Karachi instead,� says Kundan, who joined a protest with other members of Daharki�s Hindu community to demand her return. �The family is living in fear now. We have had to leave our home and I�ve been getting threatening calls.�

Leading article, page 28.



The MASSACRE at school in Russia.

September 1, 2014, marks 10 years since one of the most horrifying terrorist attacks in Russia, the Beslan school siege which saw over 300 people, 186 of them children, killed. Events to commemorate the massacre are taking place across the country.

The site of the tragedy, former school #1 in Beslan, a small town in Russia�s North Ossetia, will become the center of the remembrance ceremonies which have been annually held since 2005.