Date: 21/12/2014

The Peshawar Incident.

The killings of school children in Peshawar Military School have reiterated the fact that Pakistan is facing the effects of its own terror promotion policy.

Many strong statements have been issued but still Pakistan is trying to shield the culprits of all attacks. It has proved beyond doubt that the state of Pakistan will not and cannot afford to disband its policy of breeding terrorism on its own soil.

The real issue is whether it has put a question mark on ‘Idea of Pakistan’ as a nation, when the same terrorist outfits are bleeding Pakistan and justifying killings on basis of Islamic diktats and the very existence of Pakistan is under threat.

There is pressure from within to disband policy of terrorism and at the same time hardliners are pushing for more Islamic laws. If Pakistan continues to succumb to the pressure of Islamists, it will continue to bleed. Common masses will revolt and Pakistan eventually will crumble as a nation, the very idea of Pakistan as a nation will be threatened.

Stable and peaceful Pakistan is neither India’s responsibility nor of any global power. It is the responsibility of the people of Pakistan. Perhaps, the Peshawar incident will make them realise their national responsibility?. If they don’t do so Pakistan will not remain the same Pakistan.