Peshawar killing consistent with Prophet Mohammed's teaching

Date: 21/12/2014

Peshawar killing consistent with Prophet Mohammed's teaching: Pakistan Taliban New Delhi, December 18, 2014 | UPDATED 14:09 IST

Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan spokesperson Umar Khurasani. Photo: FacebookThe Tehreek-e-Taliban, which carried out perhaps the bloodiest school massacre in modern history, has called the killing consistent with what Prophet Mohammed did with his enemies 1400 years ago.

"At the time of the Bannu Qurayza massacre, Prophet Mohammed ordered only those children be killed whose pubic hairs have appeared," Umar Khurasani, spokesperson for the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, is quoted as saying by the American website, He said the Islamic terrorists only followed sunnat (actions of Prophet Mohammed) during wars.

Bannu Qurayza was a Jewish tribe that lived in present day Madina in Saudi Arabia. The report mentions Islamic texts that say nearly 800 men and boys and one woman of the tribe were beheaded. Khurasani is quoted as saying that those who consider the Peshawar massacre un-Islamic should refer to Sahih al-Bukhari. Muslims consider Bukhari's as one of the most authentic books on what Prophet Mohammed said and did in his lifetime.

The report further said that many Pakistanis have expressed concern over no Arab countries condemning the Peshawar massacre of more than 130 children. The American website quotes Pakistani journalist Reema Abbasi as saying, "Pakistan buried 132 children. It failed a generation. The world mourns these Angels, but am waiting for that one 'leader' with a conscience to ask where are statements, vigils, condolences from the bloody Arabs!?" Abbasi is the author of 'Historic Temples in Pakistan - A Call To Conscience.