Islam is essentially based on sex, female debauchery

Date: 21/12/2014


Ignorance is weakness and this ignorance about Islam has contributed the spread of Islam. There are no good or bad Talibans and similarly there are no good or bad Muslims when it is Jehad. Jehad is also interpreted according to situation and under Jehad all Muslims are one for all[ Muslims ] and all Muslims for one [Muslim].

Islam is essentially based on sex, female debauchery, making its followers marauders, and wants them to believe that followers of all other religions/faiths are 'Kafirs' (Infidels) who must be decimated till the entire world becomes Muslims.

Sunni Muslims - followers of "Mohammed" from Saudi Arabia (called "Prophet" or Rassool (messanger) - the home country of Mohammed - and the originator of Islam, who himself proclaimed to be the "last" messenger of God (Allah for Muslims), consider even Shia Muslims - followers of Ali (Hussain) - who are called "shias"- (grandson of Sunni's Mohammed from his only child (a daughter) - as 'infidels - Kafirs' who must also be decimated or converted. Likewise, they consider 'Ahmedias', Momens, Burhanis, et al to be 'kafirs' worth being killed and obliterated. Xians, Jews,Buddhists, Pagans, and Hindus had been their main targets whom they killed, and raped, in millions[280 millions ] during past 1450 years, every time they raided their lands and converted,forcefully married,molested, massacre, genocide, raped in front of family and killed children brutally,looted,plundered, beheaded, piled heads on cross roads for others to see to create terror and distributed females and young boys and girls as bounty/gift/ reward. The undeclared war is against all non Muslims to convert them by all tricks ,cheat, bluff, terror, bribes, force since the very beginning of Islam and as a result 57 countries are Muslim countries and in all these countries pre Islamic culture ,religions, traditions, heritage, temples, churches, places of worship have been destroyed and Mosques built on those places.

Please open the attachment below and read more about this religion where you will find that Muslims, followers of 'Mohammed', when doing 'namaz' five times a day, swear in the name of 'Allah' that they shall leave no 'kafir' on Earth, so that they beget as a reward " 72 hurris (ever-virgin girls) " in "Jannat - Heaven" and/or handsome "boys" to s.......... .
Allah means Muslim God. No God but Allah. All other God/s are false except Allah. Allah the one who gave Koran so do not confuse with other God/s.

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