Date: 24/12/2014



With each Hindu being converted, that is, "KILLED", the defence of Bharat goes WEAKER that much! There are NO two views on this!

If a LOT OF Hindus are converted, or forced to convert, to other religions, a LOT OF TERRITORY will vanish from the map of (the present day truncated) Bharat. Yes, TERRITORY and NUMBERS go together (hand in hand)! This, too, is LOGICAL and eternal Truth, and none can doubt this!

We may listen to the OTHERS on every other issue except this one since this one means the slow DEATH (EROSION) of Bharat and the ultimate destruction of all the temples and the Hindu �way of life�.

Do we want Bharat to shed MORE TERRITORY & HINDUS, and eventually resemble the social and cultural wilderness and deprivation of Pakistan of today, or of Afghanistan, Irak, Syria and Libya?

Do we wish to INVITE the DOOM through our INCOMPETENCE or STUPIDITY, and then see the UN Observers in Bharat or the Allied and the NATO bombers flying over our cities, as in Afghanistan and Irak?

Hindu religion is NATIVE to the SOIL of Bharat, and due to our weakness it is pitched in life and death struggle with the FOREIGNERS. We must not let them weaken us, or wipe us out completely, or rule us for the next many CENTURIES again.

It is up to US to make sure that Delhi does not go the way of Dhaka and Lahore!

Could we educate the ignorant Hindu MP's in Lok Sabha, sitting at the feet of Italian Mafia right now? The COWARDS never mention "PARTITION" but deceive themselves and fool the world by calling it "Independence"!

Let us ASSERT ourselves and ask Bangladesh and Pakistan first, "Where have the MILLIONS of Hindus in your countries vanished?" So, don't let them do THE SAME in Bharat, too.

Proud Hindus must ensure that NOT one is converted on the sacred soil of Sri Krishna and Guru Nanak, and NOT ONE Hindu girl is raped in Bharat.

24 December 2014.


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Hindus can challenge Christian Conversion and Missionaries legally and effectively.


Hindus express fury over Christian organizations teaching conversions in Pune

Institutes like South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies which have curriculum directed only at teaching conversions; or similar organizations with same curriculum; as also all Government offices which give them approval or extend financial aid !

HJS Media | Pune (Maharashtra) | 17 Dec 2014:: : In the name of Christian new year, many wrong practices are followed which should be stopped. Hindus should celebrate New Year on the day of Gudhi Padva. Stringent action should be taken against Christian institutes like South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies which have curriculum directed only at teaching conversions; or similar organizations with same curriculum; as also all Government offices which give them approval or extend financial aid.

Demonstrations were held under the aegis of Rashtriya Hindu Andolan, on 13thDecember in Good luck Chowk, Deccan Gymkhana to place these demands before the Government. 70-80 members from various pro-Hindu organizations participated in the demonstrations. It was demanded that organizations which encourage conversions should be found out by setting up of a separate department for taking prompt action; action should also be taken against foreign organizations which are funding such Christian organizations. Shri. Parag Gokhale of HJS said that there has been increase in incidents of misconduct like consumption of liquor, drugs, teasing women, rape etc. due to the wrong practice of celebrating new year on the eve of 31st December under western influence. BJP Government should therefore, stop concession given to liquor shops for remaining open on 31st December and prevent downfall of Hindu culture. Excise Department should not be given target of sale of excess stock of liquor on that day; in fact, 31st December should be declared as dry day.

Shri. Pravin Karve of Sanatan Sanstha explained the importance of celebrating new year on �Gudhi Padva�.


1. Many policemen in plain clothes as well as in uniform were deployed at the venue of demonstrations. One policeman video-recorded the demonstrations and another was noting down points presented in speeches; he also jotted down matter written on the placards.

2. Few people spontaneously joined the demonstrations, after watching for some time. Some of them joined as they heard the word �Hindu� during the demonstrations. Shri. Pasalkar was inspired to join demonstrations by material uploaded on website about 1st January and Gudhi Padva.

The way, Hindus can challenge Christian Missionaries legally and effectively

Devout Hindus participating in demonstrations at Pune against illegal Christian Conversion under Rashtriya Hindu Andolan.

1. Not only in Maharashtra, in all over India it is seen that some foreigners are taking part in the various services of the churches including distribution of Christian pamphlets-books etc, collecting money and participating in the programme of mass conversion. And the Indian management of the Churches have been promoting their conversion activities with the help of foreign preachers and funds. The hectic and strategical menace of Churches and evangelical groups are done highly in the period of Christmas to New years day (i.e. 25 Dec to 1st January) every year. Hindus must take defence for this illegal Proselytization programmes in this period legally and effectively.

2. Such activities by the foreigners on tourist visa are strictly prohibited under law and such activities are subject to prosecution to the violating individuals. So, any Indian national can easily protest them and lodge complaint to the police authorities. Actually the matter of conversion under allurements and defamation of others faith is prohibited under Indian law. Hindus may give deputations to the Govt. authorities and run �dharna-andolan� (demonstration/agitations) etc. against illegal conversion in the places under ominous evangelic influences.

3. In most of the cases, the Christians drive in any new area to test the soil in a small groups of 5-10 persons or less. So, if the ill motive of the Christian intruders in a village or in an area is noticed, Hindutva-vadis of that area must chase them with a group of 10-15 persons and must hackle the ill motivated evangelists and must snatch away their anti Hindu propaganda books and the materials of allurements. And next, go to the nearest police station to lodge a complaint against the Christian preachers for creating communal tension in the affected areas.

4. It is also seen that the Christian preachers and Church authorities keep ready a person or some persons beforehand for their help. These persons many be detected very strictly and must be put in boycott as they promote illegal conversion. Hindus must collect data for all churches and the persons engaged in illegal conversion and must draw them under law enforcements.

5. Students going to the Christian missionary schools must be taken special care by their parents. As the Christian intoxications are injected into the students in the schools in many subtle ways and those are most injurious to the Hindu culture and values, such students must be detoxified with Hindu values and teachings as applicable by the process of questioning and counselling.

If Christian Missionaries have the Rights to convert poor and critically challenged Hindus under Evangelic conspiracy, Hindus in Bharat have also the rights to save their brothers and sisters through legal check and any retaliation. ~ Upananda Brahmachari.

Courtesy: HJS | Dainik Sanatan Prabhat.