Date: 30/12/2014

Thank you for this awakening call for the Hindus living in mutilated India with wings clipped.
We do not live in the UK or the USA to dismiss Oweisi's rabid rant like a dog barking. We are in Bharat where the dogs have become wolves and have tasted man's (Hindu's) blood.
The same menacing Islamic (aggressive armed) "FORCES" that overpowered Nehru and made Gandhi "eat dust" in 1947 will never be reconciled to Secularism or mutual tolerance. The root cause is not something that suddenly appeared in the 20th century. It began in 7th Century with the birth of Mohammed in Mecca who set his followers along the path of conquering the world in order to force all mankind to call him the LAST Messenger of God on earth and his Koran as the literal Word of God.
As a result of brainwashing and conditioning a Muslim is a mindless Moron, or a walking time BOMB especially in Hindusthan, that is perceived to be an accommodating, appeasing, cowardly land.
None knows the nature and potential of the Muslims individually and collectively better than the HINDUS in Hindusthan!
All predators, invaders and aggressors are like the bandits, robbers and throat cutters who are after the OTHERS' land, gold and girls. There is only one land on earth where they have come again and again and well rewarded, and also settled down for good.
Hindu RESPONSE is a mystery that needs to be solved. How is it that we can call our SWORN BLOODTHIRSY ENEMY our "friends" and "brothers"? This is the case ONLY with the Hindus in Hindusthan.
Let's look OUTSIDE and see how the OTHERS react to a perceived enemy. In the last century the NAZIS, that is, the brainwashed Germans, were seen as the enemies. Having discovered this fact the world immediately RESOLVED to exterminate the Nazi IDEOLOGY (not the Germans!).
Finally, with the virus of Ideology taken OUT in May 1945 the Germans became "friends" and "brothers".
Should our Hindu nation not first take out the Ideology of Mohammed and his inflammatory KORAN and then, only then, call a Muslim "brother" or trust him?
Having discovered that the followers of KAFIR KILLER Mohammed are our perennial ENEMIES we had to be on guard, seeing a Muslim a mile away. We had to de-brainwash them. Only after the murderous ideology of Islam is taken out of their brains will they become decent ordinary citizens like the GERMANS in the EU today.
If we have NO comprehension or guts to think and act on these lines, then the powerful Forces of Nature are RE-SHAPING Hindusthan in the political mosaic of PRE-BRITISH crushed and chaotic Hindusthan.
Then Hindusthan resembled a vast (culturally) DARK jungle under Emperors Aurangzeb, Shahjehan and Jehangir. From the space above, the vast jungle looked Islamic GREEN. There were also clusters of white and saffron light here and there. These were the communities like the Rajputs, Marathas, Sikhs, Tamils and so on, who had their BHAGWA flying overhead instead of the poisonous (Islamic) green.
It seems that the Forces of Nature (Law of Karma) are slowly pushing the HINDUS downwards, downwards and downwards once again. MUSLIMS are again emerging as BULLIES, assassins and rapists as in the previous centuries. Muslim aggression is the exact opposite of Hindu COWARDICE.
The video clip below shows the preliminary historic episode in the EVOLUTION of ISLAMIC INDIA once again. The survivors will be the same Hindu communities that were seen as the clusters of bhagwa or white light up to the time of exile of Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar from DELHI in 1858.
To sum up, if we cannot see the word "PARTITION" in Constitution and school curricula, nor discover a single condition for the surrender of one third of India to fundamentalist Islam, then it is better to save up for our collective funeral that was denied the Hindus of West Punjab, Kashmir and Noakhali.

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