Date: 03/01/2015

Thank you for your esteemed e-mail with revealing information on traitor Jawaharlal Nehru, the (British) stooge who ruled our (Partitioned) India like his own personal colony. (A university is named after him in his "Coolie Colony"!)

What was the quality of our ignorant CRUSHED nation that -
(a) gave him the mandate to accept that bogus Partition;
(b) gave him the mandate to delete the word "Hindu" in the Constitution of Hindusthan;
(c) gave him the mandate to openly defy (violate) the ONLY condition of that Partition- "Population EXCHANGE";
(d) made him watch passively the savage ethnic cleansing of millions of Hindus in Pakistan;
(e) gave him the mandate to replace clean genuine democracy by "Dirty" DYNASTIC autocracy;
(f) allowed him to degrade (discriminate against) every "Hindu majority" State in the country by singling out the only "Muslim majority" State in India for the special privileges, concessions, quotas and funding, and the right of Kashmiris to buy property anywhere in Bharat? (For the wretched Indians the "grapes are sour"!)

But what to say of all the HINDU "stalwarts" and ministers who came to office, year after year, decade after decade, who could not REPEAL the Article that makes them "dogs" in Kashmir? How do they compare themselves with the "stalwarts" and "defenders" of people and borders (territory)" in the rest of the world?

After all, Article 370 was not inscribed by chisel in a block of granite like Emperor Ashoka's edicts!

It reflects on the rotten quality of our leadership in Bharat- UNFIT TO RULE, UNFIT TO MOTIVATE, UNFIT TO PUT THE CORRUPT & THE SCAMSTERS IN JAIL and UNFIT EVEN TO REJECT, or retaliate, against any stupidity or nonsense that is thrust on them, who are undeservedly in high offices ruining the nation's destiny and quality- and making all the Indians, including their Supreme Commander, "dogs" in Kashmir.

What was the quality of the Parliament of one billion weak nation that could not force Nehru to resign when he ordered our Jawans, on the edge of victory, to CEASE FIRE in Kashmir and return to their barracks crestfallen and humiliated?

Who will put courage in Parliament of the nation that could not INDICT Nehru for the criminal neglect and the ignominious ROUT (defeat) of our army in Aksai Chin and NEFA in 1962?

In most other countries the Supreme Commander and the Prime Minister BOTH would have been "beheaded" by patriots.

Finally, what hope of Bharat keeping Kashmir in, where Hindus are extinct and the Supreme Commander of India cannot buy even a mud hut?


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Ambedkar on Article 370

One man, and that too anti hindu, controlled our destiny!
When Nehru directed Sheikh Abdullah to consult Ambedkar (then Law Minister) to prepare the draft of a suitable article to be included in the Constitution, Ambedkar refused to oblige.
His words on the occasion are worth their weight in gold:

“You want India to defend Kashmir, feed its people, undertake its all-round development and give Kashmiris equal rights all over the country. But you do not want the rest of India and Indians (to have) equal rights in Kashmir.

I am (the) Law Minister of India, I cannot betray my country.”

Given Ambedkar’s principled stan- not toeing Nehru's wishes,_Article 370 was got drafted by Gopalaswami Iyengar, a stooge and a State Minister.