Date: 07/01/2015

7 January 2015.

A couple of Muslim terrorists entered the offices of a well-known satirical magazine in Paris and shot dead ten people including the editor and senior journalists. Later they shot dead two policemen, one of them lying injured on pavement. It showed the typical barbarity and savagery of Muslim terrorists.

The reason? The magazine had published cartoons of 'Mohammed of Mecca' who is called the last "Messenger of God" by his followers.

1. The murder of journalists amounts to killing of freedom of expression, a cardinal principle of French life. It's an attack on Western CIVILISATION by BARBARIANS.

2. The murder of two policemen denotes brazen attack on STATE authority. In all countries the police are seen as defenders, protectors and friends of citizens.

3. The third aspect is the audacity of the followers of Mohammed of Mecca to go on killing spree in a CHRISTIAN country in Europe. Haven't they enough freedom to kill the kafirs, the infidels, the jews, the pagans, the hindus, the buddhists, the christians, the atheists, the yazidis, and the gays in their own Islamic republics?

All the world leaders have condemned the attack and assured France of solidarity with her people.

The French are a brave people, former Colonial power, also WIDE AWAKE and well connected with one another. Big rallies took place in the evening where the speakers spoke of unity and defiance.

French police are now searching for the murderers who are likely to be arrested within hours.

Finally, what are the lessons for "Broken" BHARAT (with her most important historic temple in Ayodhya IN RUINS and no hope of recovering North Kashmir) and her HINDUS (many of whom are still adoring Sonia from Italy and admiring the KHANS of Bollywood!)?