Date: 09/01/2015

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All is not quiet on India front as far as war on Islamic terrorism goes. After series of attacks from Sydney to Paris, India which is also front line state in this war is encountering both potential and clear present danger as the reports show, some items are included with this E Mail. Only saving grace is fortunately a nationalist government is firmly in command at the center . Consider the first item which reveals a BSP Moslem leader announces 51 cr rupee award to Paris attackers in appreciation of their 'heroic' deed.

Fortunately this time he got nabbed , hope a probe also will be conducted to how he got so much money to spare for killers in Paris.

The problem for India is no Islamic terrorist violence in the world goes without eliciting support from Moslem leaders and their followers who form support groups publicly. Such is the case with ISIS. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari groups sprang up complete with ISIS uniform of black shirts with Koranic sayings emblazoned on them.

Usual apologia provided for such instances, that because they were under privileged or come from down trodden segments of society etc hence take to extremism are untenable when many of these 'misguided' were highly educated, come from rich families with some holding degrees from professional colleges. No attention so far has been paid to where the extremist ideologies and ideas are inculcated. By hiding truth of atrocities by various Moslem invaders, instead even glorifying them in public schools even out side of madrasas, yet another fodder for fuel of terrorism is being provided.

And any one who questions such policy is dubbed as communal . It is such distortions that make large numbers of Moslem youth in India to alienate from their motherland, culture and civilization and choose as role models some slave king or a rogue Moghul because many non-existent virtues were conferred on them by eminent hired historians to do just that. Biggest bogus for instance in inventing this sort of fabrication is best seen in case of Taj Mahal which is constantly broad cast as monument of love. Instead let the truth be told, let the people both Hindu and Muslim open their eyes and ears to facts of history, atrocious anti-civilizational conduct of various and sundry Moslem invaders from West or central Asia and let the Moslem Indians realize that they have nothing in common with those invaders but more with their fellow countrymen.

There are countries like Japan or China where Islamic terrorism is either absent or strictly curtailed , kept to minimum . Some of the steps they have taken with suitable modifications for situation in India will be of much help to bring long term cure.

Meanwhile simultaneously immediate solutions like what the Government of India has announced , Dawood will be brought to justice will also help great deal.


UP Police to arrest BSP leader Yakub Qureshi who announced Rs 51 crore reward for Paris attackers
Defending the French satirical magazine attackers, Qureshi had said that disrespect to the Prophet will invite death.