Date: 05/04/2013


The man who bought an old house with leaking roof and damp walls, promptly set about repairing the roof and removing the damp before bringing his family to live in it.

India in 1947 was in the same dilapidated condition in the wilderness with both wings demolished and wolves, snakes and vultures seen in and out of it.

The Muslims had already devoured one third of her and were busy planning another onslaught in Kashmir. The Hindus were crushed and lying flat on floor after receiving relentless bashing and battering and having gone through countless massacres and defeats over 1,000 years.

Then Pandit Jawaharlal NEHRU moved in with the Document of Ownership to last over FIVE generatons, signed by the British Viceroy on behalf of the King of England.

Nehru, the so-called barrister from London, charmed the impoverished Hindu nation to such an extent that they simply adored him and sang his praises day and night. Senior cabinet ministers and all the members of constituent assembly were vying with one another for the honour of cleaning his toilet.

The question we must ask all the time, is: “Why was India such an easy WALK-OVER for every invader?”

Immediately after Partition Nehru took over MIDDLE India and turned it into his personal fiefdom. Being a secret convert to Islam he served MOHAMMED to the best of his ability conveying vast territories to ISLAM but at the same time fearing that someone will discover his real loyalties, he now did everything to show that he was secular, and “religion” had no interest for him at all!

The "idiots" who wrote up India’s Constitution obliged him totally by declaring, “INDIA IS A SECULAR REPUBLIC.” He succeeded so brilliantly in his “service to Mohammed” that not even the smartest Hindu PhD or barrister was heard asking, “Where was your Secularism when you surrendered one third of India to ISLAM and also kept the Muslims back in our "bleeding" Partitioned India after Parititon?

Wasn't there a "RAT TO SMELL"? But Nehru had no worry. The Hindu nose was so blocked that it could not have smelled even an ELEPHANT!

The result was that after the departure of the British the MUSLIMS continued to rule Bharat in secret collaboration with Nehru and his Congress Party. They always had another reliable ally, the CHRISTIANS, who went along easily with Partition and declared themselves “neutral” when ethnic cleansing of Hindus was in full "bloody" force. "People of Book" were natural allies.

The question arises, “Why were the Hindu leaders not smart enough to call Nehru’s bluff when even an IMBECILE could see that he was a MOHAMMEDAN at heart and only sham secular (DECEPTION through and through) in order to destroy the Hindus as much as he could?”

The fact is that our leaders were “petrified (frozen) into blind trust” due to his personality and apparently Imperial superiority. One had to be alive in 1947 to really grasp the comparison in stature between a Hindu and Nehru as between an ant and an elephant. Even in 2013 one can see the contrast between the entire Parliament and one Sonia Maino Gandhi! And that was 66 years ago!

Now from the Hindu awareness let us move to the top Sikh calibre.

For the Sikhs the holy town of Sri Nankana Sahib is as sacred as MECCA is for the Muslims. When they saw Nehru surrender the city to the Muslims without batting an eyelid, or consulting them, was it not for even a dimwit to ask, “How would the Muslims react if MECCA was surrendered to the JEWS?” None asked.

That encouraged Nehru's daughter Maimoona Begum, another secret convert to ISLAM, to attack the most sacred shrine of the Sikhs, Harmandir Sahib in Amritsar, in 1984. Her strategy was extremely simple but it escaped the attention of the most intelligent Hindu leaders. "To inflict maximum damage upon the Hindus (strategy), provoke the Sikhs by giving them a "bloody nose" (tactics)," and then win the sympathy vote of the Hindus! Here was a sophisticated ruler pitched against the simple masses. How bewitched were the masses is seen by the number of institutions named after her!

It never occured to the Hindus (people with LEAST expectation from their rulers) that as a proclaimed Hindu she ought to have visited Ayodhya and redeemed the national shame and disgrace (RUINS of the historic Temple) there!

Mutilating Bharat and the large scale ethnic cleansing of Hindus in 1947, inflicing lethal blows to the Sikhs in 1984, and the Tamils in 1987 and "evaporating" the Hindus in South Kashmir in 1989, was "smooth" for the Dynasty but at the same time MOST UNDESIRABLE to remove Article 370 from Constitution and raise the Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

Please ponder over this for a while to see how "CHEAP, RUBBISH and EXPENDABLE" both Hindus and Sikhs appeared to NEHRU!

But Nehru had a strong motive to put Nankana Sahib in Islamic Pakistan. First and foremost it was to degrade and humble the proud Sikhs, traditional defenders of Hindusthan, who take their spirit and inspiration direct from the Tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singhji. But he also saw how Mecca was a magnet for the Muslims across the world and how the pilgrims, rich and poor, all came to spend or donate MONEY there.

The entire Arab nation need not do anything to enjoy a rich living style. All the money left in Mecca is sufficient to give each one of them quite a “royal” life style. And that is exactrly what Nehru wanted for his fellow Muslims in Pakistan!

Year in and year out, tens of thousands of SIKH pilgrims come from all corners of the world to Sri Nankana Sahib after paying visa fees and air fares, and spend and donate a colossal amount for the lazy Pakistanis. This is their income in perpetuity like Nehru’s gift of five provinces to Mohammed (Ali Jinnah) in perpetuity!

Now putting the Hindus and Sikhs in ONE basket of "IGNORANCE & COWARDICE" we can easily understand as to how the hypnotising Will of an extremely cunning, cruel and sophisticated "PYTHON" (TRAITOR) had put the collective Hindu/Sikh psyche to sleep. Most, including the Supreme Commander, the prime minister, all his cabinet and the LOK SABHA, are still fast asleep!

Any doubt on Nehru’s integrity, any aspersion on his loyalty was, and still is, tantamount to blasphemy. That is why the eminent writer (below) has called the Indians “Hobbesians“.

We should add that the Indians are not “Hobbesians” by birth but by CONDITIONING like the circus dogs. The worst thing to happen to any nation is SLAVERY and slavery over centuries deteriorates the very genes.

The deterioration could have been removed within a decade by a leader like NETAJI BOSE but given a leader like NEHRU it was aggravated most adversely. Now we are living with the result of brainwashing and conditioning combined, to call the enemy “brother” and regard the worst traitor a “Patriot”.

Indians are Hobbesians (NB: The English philosopher Hobbes, 1588 -1679, was a champion of absolutism for the sovereign.)

· Corruption in India is a cultural aspect.

· Indians seem to think nothing peculiar about corruption. It is everywhere.

· Indians tolerate corrupt individuals rather than correct them.

· No race can be congenitally corrupt.

· But can a race be corrupted by its culture?

· To know why Indians are corrupt, look at their patterns and practices.


· Religion is transactional in India.

· Indians give God cash and anticipate an out-of-turn reward.

· Such a plea acknowledges that favours are needed for the undeserving.

· In the world outside the temple walls, such a transaction is named- “bribe”.

· A wealthy Indian gives not cash to temples, but gold crowns and such baubles.

· His gifts cannot feed the poor. His pay-off is for God.

(He thinks it will be wasted if it goes to a needy man).

· In June 2009, The Hindu published a report of Karnataka minister G. Janardhan Reddy

gifting a crown of gold and diamonds worth Rs 45 crore to Tirupati Balaji.

·India’s temples collect so much that they don't know

what to do with it. Billions are gathering dust in temple vaults.

· When Europeans came to India they built schools.

· When Indians go to Europe & USA, they build temples.

· Indians believe that if God accepts money for his favours,

then nothing is wrong in doing the same thing.

This is why Indians are so easily corruptible.

· Indian culture accommodates such transactions morally.

· There is no real stigma.

An utterly corrupt politician can make a comeback, just unthinkable in the West.


· Indian moral ambiguity towards corruption is visible in its history.

· Indian history tells of the capture of cities and kingdoms

after guards were paid off to open the gates,

and commanders paid off to surrender.

· This is unique to India.

· Indians' corrupt nature

has meant limited warfare on the subcontinent.

· It is striking how little Indians have actually fought

compared to ancient Greece and modern Europe.

· The Turks’ battles with Nadir Shah

were vicious and fought to the finish.

· In India fighting wasn't needed,

bribing was enough to see off armies.

· Any invader willing to spend cash could brush aside India’s kings,

no matter how many tens of thousands soldiers were in their infantry.

· Little resistance was given by the Indians at the “Battle” of Plassey.

· Clive paid off Mir Jaffar and all of Bengal folded to an army of 3,000.

· There was always a financial exchange to taking Indian forts.

· Golconda was captured in 1687 after the secret back door was left open.

· Mughals vanquished Marathas and Rajputs with nothing but bribes.

· The Raja of Srinagar gave up Dara Shikoh’s son Sulaiman

to Aurangzeb after receiving a bribe.

· There are many cases where Indians participated

on a large scale in treason due to bribery.


· Indians do not believe in the theory that they all can rise if each of them behaves morally,

because that is not the message of their faith.

· Their caste system separates them.

· They don't believe that all men are equal.

· This resulted in their division and migration to other religions .

· Many Hindus started their own faith like Sikh, Jain, Buddha

and many converted to Christianity and Islam.

· The result is that Indians don't trust one another .

· There are no Indians in India , there are Hindus ,Christians, Muslims and what not.

· Indians forget that 400 years ago they all belonged to one faith.

· This division evolved an unhealthy culture.

· The inequality has resulted in a corrupt society.

· In India everyone is thus against everyone else, except God ­and even He must be bribed.



The FIRST step is to WIPE OUT “Nehru and his Dynasty”, (one billion of us are neither INFERIOR nor IMBECILE) and all bequests- psychological, ideological and material- of both Gandhi and Nehru.

In order to survive the nation has to ROOT OUT corruption and train the youth to be FIGHTING FIT- active, dynamic and ambitious.

The brother should not be treated as an enemy and the enemy must not be trusted as a brother. Native and the foreigner are not the twins. “Indira and India were POLES APART!”

Our leaders must be as good as those in China, the UK and the USA, NOT like Jai Chand and Jawaharlal Nehru. Field Marshal Maneckshaw should be the role model for our generals.

Then we shall see our Bharat rise to the heights of glory.

Surely we can all understand this, and PASS IT ON.



April 5, 2013.