Date: 13/01/2015

The massacre of journalists in Paris
Letter published in �The Daily Telegraph�, London, 13 Jan 15.

Sir, In the same week that the tragic death of 17 French people brought 40 of thr world�]s leaders on to the streets in a sign of unity against terrorism, more than 2,000 people were slaughtered by terrorists in Nigeria. And the world�s reponse?
London W8.
Comment: In some countries the RULERS are third rate �vermin or maggots�, minus self-esteem, who despise their subjects while in the others the people are treated with respect and dignity as fellow humans. Hence Nigeria and France are poles apart.
13 Jan 15. President Hollande honoured the three police officers killed by terrorists last week and made them the Knights of Honour of the Republic.
Do the killed police and army officers get the same respect and honour by the Supreme Commander of the Indian armed forces who is also the President of the Republic? Perhaps he needs to watch the French counterpart and promote himself likewise.
Please watch an honourable �genuine� President honouring the dead:
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