Date: 05/04/2013

There is a Tamil poem -

' Kaana Mayil aadak kandiruntha Vaankozhi Thaanum than pollaach
chiragai viriththu aadinaar polume kallaathaan katra kavi'

Meaning 'The exhibition of half- baked knowledge of the illiterate
person is like the turkey which tries to imitate the dance of the
peacock by opening up its ridiculous feathers on seeing the brilliant
dance of the peacock' .

We are reminded of this poem on seeing Rahul's address to the CII- it
was half baked, vague, artificial, insincere and utopian.

Having silently supported his mother's sickeningly corrupt ,unjust and
anti-people government for 9 years without uttering a word about the
mega loots of 2G, CWG,Coal Scam, Irrigation Scam, NREGS Scam,Adarsh
Scam , Food For Oil scam, Bofors,Scorpene , Westland, Robert Vadra
land fraud and many many more loots, rahul now comes out ( because
of 2014 elections) and utters unudulterated vague nonsense as if he is
a helpless bystander- while even a child knows that without the nod of
his mother even an atom cannot move in this government.

What did he do in the last 9 years?

He kept quiet at all the arrogance shown and atrocities perpetrated by
his mother's sickening regime while the poor people of the country
underwent untold sufferings.

Rahul kept mum when prices skyrocketed.

Rahul kept mum when unwary girls were raped in public places in Delhi
and Haryana - congress ruled states

Sorry he did say something - a gem- that 'the police cannot be present
everywhere where a rape happens'!

Rahul kept mum when farmers in Maharashtra and Andhra - congress ruled
states-committed suicides .

Rahul kept mum when petrol and diesel prices were raised at the drop of a hat .

Rahul kept mum when his ministers humiliated the people by saying that
6 gas cylinders are enough for a family while they used up 60 or 100

Rahul kept mum when his finance minister had the audacity to say that
when the people spend 20 rupees for ice cream they should not complain
about the rise in prices of rice!

Rahul kept mum when his great Planning Commission chairman said that
32 rupees per day is enough to run a family while he renovated his
toilet with 35 lac rupees!

Rahul kept mum when a person against who a corruption case was pending
was appointed as the chief vigilance commissioner even though the BJP
member of the selection panel objected to it.

Rahul kept mum when Khemka, an honest IAS officer who probed Robert
Vadra's (his brother in law) corrupt land deals was tranferrerd in the
dead of night.

Rahul kept mum when the cash for confidence vote happened in the UPA1

Rahul kept mum when the CBI watered down corruption cases against
Mulayam and Mayavati in exchange for their support.

Rahul kept quiet when his prime minister had the audacity to say that
the loss figures arrived at by the CAG in 2G was wrong

Rahul kept quiet when even after the Shunglu committee report which
pointed out the culpability of the Delhi congress CM ,Shiela Dikshit
in the CWG scam she refused to resign.

Rahul kept quiet when the Jan Lok pal bill was completely distorted
and a toothless version was passed in the parliament in a fraudulent

Rahul kept quiet when scams were revealed in the NREGS scheme

Rahul Kept quiet when even after the Chief Election commissioner
recommended action against Navin Chawla, the election Commissioner for
his blatant acts , the government promoted Chawla because he was
close to congress.

Rahul kept quiet when the Foreign Direct investment in Multi Barnd
retail was notified by circumventing the parliament -which will
destroy the livelihood crores and crores of poor and small traders.

Rahul kept quiet when in the dead of night there was barbaric assault
by the police on the sleeping anti-corruption protesters in Delhi
Ramlila Maidan which resulted in the death of a poor lady

Rahul kept quiet when his government supplied logistics and weapons to
the Srilankan military to enable them to crush the Hindus there which
resulted in thousands of them getting killed, and lacs becoming

Rahul kept quiet when the government had the arrogance to file an
affidavit in the supreme court saying that there is no evidence for
the sacred Rama setu and stamped under its boot the faith of the
Hindus by rejecting the Pachauri committee report about the sacred
Rama Setu.

And this man Rahul says that India has a long history!
Are we fools to clap his speech and vote for his corrupt and criminal party?

Here he is -talking about 'inclsuive development'
indirectly referring to the jaded and faded charge against Modi
alluding to Muslims

But he should know that only yesterday in Gujarat a delegation of
Muslim men and women personally called on Modi to congratulate him on
his poll victory and lauded him for his focus on all round
development of Gujarat- the fruits of which they are also enjoying.

It is very pathetic to see Rahul to resort to the centuries old
cheap,silly and cunning game of the congress -of pitting the muslims
against the Hindus to gain political advantage.

But unfortunately for poor Rahul this cheap game of the congis is up-
now the muslims have understood that the congress has only been using
them for their selfish purposes and then dumping them.

SO dear Rahul , grow up.
The Muslims have woken up - they will not fall into your worn out trap.

The Hindus have woken up .They will refuse to believe your cock and
bull stories and once more inviting ruin for themselves.

Modi is here. So make way.

Like the youngsters jocularly say to one who is unwanted in the group
-' kelambu, kelambu , Kaathu Varattum' meaning - ' ok, move out and
make way for the breeze '