Date: 16/01/2015

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If there is any thing the Muslims hate most, it is an ISLAMIC republic.
Unbelievable, but true! What better proof than to quote a "Mohamed", indicted for murder, who was sentenced to deportation back to ISLAMIC Pakistan. He cried and begged of the magistrate, "Your Honour, please do NOT send back to HELL!"

When India was partitioned to concede them their ISLAMIC Pakistan one hoped that they would all use the golden opportunity and leave the hated Land of "KUFFR" in their droves. But NONE went.

They all stayed back in Hindusthan to the shock and amazement of the Non Muslims (Infidels), especially to the anger of those millions of Hindu and Sikh REFUGEES pouring in from the newly created Pakistan in 1947.

Therefore, what you write as "very simple", is not simple at all, but the most daunting & complex challenge of the post partitioned India.

Secular India, under increasing Muslim pressure once again, is facing a life and death problem since NO follower of Mohammed will leave voluntarily for any Muslim country where the very Constitution is the Word of Rasul Allah!

But if they were to be sent back by force then all the human rights organisations will shout at the top of their voices in order to move heaven and earth against such a "barbaric" treatment (of sending a Muslim to an Islamic land!).

To gain entry into Infidel Europe they are coming by sea, air and land, many dying along the way, and a thousand odd are perennially camping at Calais trying every minute of the day (and night) to sneak into a moving lorry, or cling onto its underside, to reach England.

There can be NO worse aspersion on Mohammed's "way of life" and Law than to see these Muslims willing to die than live under Sharia Law.

Secular democracies are forced to live with this unending constant flow of "consuming cancer"! After the doomed five provinces were ceded by Bharat in 1947 now South Kashmir is hanging by the thin thread of Article 370 of India's Constitution.

Verily, which "well informed & well aware" Hindu can sleep peacefully at night, knowing that we shall live and die in the fear of Mohammed and his inspired "Satans" called "Islamic terrorists".


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Very Simple, each non-muslim country must send the muslims to their countries of parents & grand-parents, that's all.