Date: 06/04/2013


It is 1947, the year when India (“Akhand Bharat”) was KILLED by an enemy that rose from within unlike previous invaders. Punjab and Bengal got divided and North Kashmir, Chitral and Gilgit-Baltistan were captured by “WOLVES”. Our Hindusthan is standing on cliff-hanger, about to break up in “rivers of blood” with millions of natives massacred or put to flight in mayhem. March 1947 saw “Khoon ki Holi” in Multan and Rawalpindi. Our top leader, Jawaharlal Nehru is said to be a “bastard”, son of a Muslim. See:


What hope then for the future of Hindus and Sikhs? But the NATIVES of Hindusthan follow him blindly like the sheep following the butcher to the abattoir.
We can foresee chaos and disorder till someone brave appears to save the country from Jawaharlal Nehru who will pretend to be a patriot while delivering the lethal blow to Akhand Bharat and the Hindu/Sikh communities.

From the Hindus’ lack of awareness about their past (a millennium of slavery), present (stupefied by charmer MK Gandhi) and future (continuous bashing and bloodletting culminating in civil war) in Hindusthan, let us move on to look at the top Sikh calibre.

Nehru, the secret convert to Islam, the biological son of Mubarak Ali, had a special grudge against the Sikhs. He marked them early enough as the community that resisted the Moguls fiercely, and were perceived as the last defenders of Hindusthan in the grand Islamic game of turning the “Rest of India”, too, into an Islamic Republic (after the “Best of India” became “Pakistan”). So he decided to break their backbone. Nehru chose the territory that was historically “Sikh Homeland”, i. e., the birth place of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Sri Nankana Sahib, the seat of Sikh political power, Lahore, culture (Gujranwala), Intelligentsia (Rawalpindi) and the fertile farming lands (Lyallpur, Montgomery and Multan) for unconditional surrender to Islam.

Nehru confided to friend Mohammed Ali Jinnah, “With the brave, who dared to establish their sovereign Kingdom, captured KHYBER PASS and Kashmir, bravely defied the mighty Mogul Empire, eliminated, or scattered across the globe, the rest of Hindusthan will be ours for ever. We need not fear the demoralised, crushed, non-violent and secular Hindus for the next thousand years!”
For the Sikhs the holy town of Sri Nankana Sahib is as sacred as MECCA is for the Muslims. When they saw Nehru surrender their holy city to the Muslims without batting an eyelid, or consulting them, was it not for even a dimwit to ask, “How would the Muslims react if MECCA was surrendered to the JEWS?” None asked.

Instead, the Sikhs immersed themselves in more reading & reciting of scriptures, devotional music (Kirtan), free food (Langar) and selfless service of all mankind (“Nishkam sewa”).
That blind submission & resignation encouraged Nehru's daughter Maimoona Begum, another secret convert to ISLAM, to attack the most sacred shrine of the Sikhs, Harmandir Sahib in Amritsar, in 1984. Her strategy was extremely simple but it escaped the attention of the most intelligent native (Hindu & Sikh) genius: "To inflict maximum damage upon the Hindus (strategy), provoke the Sikhs by giving them a "bloody nose" (tactics), and then with the sympathy vote of the Hindus deal with the Tamils, and crush anyone else who dares to raise his head against the rule of Nehru Dynasty!”
Here was a sophisticated, stone-hearted, bitter & callous ruler, pitched against the simple masses. How bewitched were the masses is seen by the number of institutions named after her, her father and her son!

It never occurred to the Hindus (intimidated to obey but never to question their rulers) that as self-proclaimed Hindus Nehru and his daughter ought to have visited Ayodhya and redeemed the national shame and disgrace (RUINS of the historic Temple) there on highest priority!

Mutilating Bharat, surrendering vast territories to the indigenous Muslims and the large scale ethnic cleansing of Hindus and Sikhs in 1947, inflicting lethal blows to the Sikhs once again in 1984, and the Tamils in 1987, and "wiping out" the Hindus in South Kashmir in 1989, was so "easy & smooth" for the Dynasty but at the same time they found it IMPOSSIBLE to remove Article 370 from Constitution, ensure the safety and dignity of Hindus in Srinagar, carry out “post-mortem” of Partition, and raise the sacred historic Temple at the birth place of Sri Rama in Ayodhya.
Please ponder over this for a while to see how "CHEAP, RUBBISH and EXPENDABLE" both HINDUS, SIKHS and our LAND (Mother Earth or “DHARTI MATA”) appeared to “Rascal” NEHRU and his daughter and grandson!

But Nehru had another strong motive to put Sri Nankana Sahib in Islamic Pakistan. First and foremost it was to degrade and humble the proud Sikhs, traditional defenders of Hindusthan, who take their spirit and inspiration direct from the Tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh ji. He also saw how MECCA was a magnet for the Muslims from all over the world and how the pilgrims, rich and poor, all came to spend or donate huge sums of MONEY there.

The entire population of Saudi Arabia need not lift a finger to enjoy a rich and luxurious style of life. All that money left by millions of pilgrims coming for mandatory “Hajj” to Mecca every year is more than enough to give each one of them quite a “royal” life style. And that is exactly what Nehru wanted for his own fellow Muslims in Pakistan!

Year in and year out, tens of thousands of SIKH pilgrims come from all corners of the world to Sri Nankana Sahib after paying visa fees and air fares, and spend and donate a colossal amount of money for the lazy Pakistanis. This is their income in perpetuity like Nehru’s gift of five provinces of India to Mohammed (Ali Jinnah) in perpetuity!

Now putting the Hindus and Sikhs in ONE basket of "IGNORANCE & COWARDICE" we can easily understand as to how the hypnotising Will of an extremely cunning and sophisticated "PYTHON" (TRAITOR) NEHRU had put the collective Hindu/Sikh body to sleep. Most, including the Supreme Commander, the prime minister, all his cabinet, the LOK SABHA, all the Sikh leaders, and the only chief minister ruling his State from Union Territory, are still fast asleep like the sheep resting near the abattoir! They are NOT the ones in whose hands the Rest of Bharat will remain safe or peaceful for long.
Any doubt on Nehru’s integrity, any aspersion on his loyalty, is tantamount to blasphemy or capital crime. That is why an eminent writer has called the Indians “Hobbesians“. But we should add that the Indians are not “Hobbesians” by birth but by CONDITIONING like the circus dogs. The worst thing to happen to any nation is SLAVERY, and slavery over centuries, deteriorates the very genes.

The deterioration through policies of “divide & rule”, rampant corruption and exercise of absolute power by one Dynasty- generation after generation, could have been checked within a decade by a leader, a respected and trusted man of all-India stature like Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, but given a leader like “Bandit” NEHRU, the downfall is aggravated manifold with disastrous results.

Now we are all living with the results of brainwashing and conditioning, to call the enemy “brother” and regard the worst traitor a “Patriot”.