Date: 19/01/2015

As per Chines Civil Law -

Islam is a cruel expansionist and cruelly intolerable to other religions to any inhuman, and barbaric extents. China is dealing with Islam on a practical basis to insist for respect to local laws, Australia and Japan have already told Muslims in clear word to respect Australian and Japanese Laws, or leave the country. Here is what Chinese authorities feel and handle Islam. Will Indian and other democratic Governments also insist on Muslims to respect Indian laws, and like in China, Australia or Russia, to have a common civil code. Or face strict and inhumane Sharia Laws.

The administration has recently issued a circular, decreeing that Chinese flags be hung on all mosques and that the flags be protected by the mosque imams tied to the Communist Party. As mandated in the circular, flag poles were erected at all mosques and flags were hung.

According to the statements of eye witnesses, at the beginning of March 2014, unidentified persons in the Colpan Yiza village of the Yenihisar town burnt a Chinese flag that was hung at a local mosque. After being informed of the news, the Chinese occupation blockaded entry into and exit from the village and questioned everyone who resided there. It is reported that the perpetrator were found and close to 50 people were taken into custody and arrested, including the imam of the mosque.

The Chinese administration passed a decision recently prohibiting youths under 18 years old, all women, and Muslim Uyghurs who are Communist Party members and civil servants, from going to mosques.

The message is quite clear. Muslims in China must make their allegiance to the State and not to their religion. And China is cracking down on any mixture of "Mosque and State" by keeping government officials and party members out of mosques.