Date: 25/01/2015

Thank you for your esteemed comment.

The reason for the step motherly treatment of Indian army has not been realised by many so far. It was deliberate and malicious. In reality Nehru was our worse enemy than Jinnah.

Nehru had mortal FEAR of the 'man in uniform'. By unilaterally & unconditionally surrendering one third of India (without Referendum) to his Muslim "brothers" he was certain that a proud and PATRIOTIC "Jawan" will assassinate him in order to punish him for his High Treason.

Had Nehru been assassinated his daughter Indira would have been alive. She got what her father deserved!

Nehru knew well that the PRIMARY duty of an army is to DEFEND TERRITORY. Thus his TERRITORIAL surrenders were a "SLAP" in the face of our proud "Jawans" and officers.

Each soldier and each and every officer felt extremely bad while withdrawing, HUMILIATED & CRESTFALLEN, CONFUSED & DEMORALISED, from all the major cantonments along India's Western frontier- at Karachi, Quetta, Multan, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Bannu and Peshawar. (Please put yourself in their shoes!)

Nehru's pre-emptive (preventive) response was to immediately assume dictatorial powers in order to intimidate the ministers and MPs alike, and at the same time downgrade, degrade, impoverish and intimidate the army generals and soldiers alike.

He created an aura (halo) of authority around his head that no one dared to look in his eyes while speaking to him. The collapse of nation's guts and morale can be seen from the fact that in our DEMOCRACY it was considered legal and proper for his own daughter to succeed him as Prime Minister, and then her own son to succeed her automatically!

Such was the intimidating personality of Nehru that the MP's approached him with awe and reverence. It is ironic that during his time as prime minister the generals were more afraid of Nehru than the enemy across the "cease fire" line in Kashmir.

That way Nehru, the clever barrister, the guilty con-man, trapped the army's mind in local petty problems, domestic worries, shortages of equipment and manpower, drastic reduction in pay & allowances, relegation in status & protocol, fear of demotions and dismissals & inter ethnic rivalries rather than reflect on his treason and the grand withdrawals of the Army in 1947.

It will be very interesting to invite comment, impressions and feelings on that grand withdrawal -from Karachi to Khyber- from some officer or soldier who was serving then. Sadly, most of them would have gone to the next world taking their 'resolve to KILL Nehru' with them.


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Respected Sir,
you have hit the nail in true spirit.....
INDIAN soldier has been evaluated as mere MERCENARY ,or GHULAM of the said ARTICLE 370...
he is there to die,and not at all to reap the harvest ,He simply sows his blood there..
The vote bank politics has ruined the CONGLOMERATION STRUCTURE OF DIVERSE UNITY within the ENTIRE NATION,very shabbily.
Major xxxx xxxxx