Date: 28/01/2015


They wish to tell the world that they regard Mohammed as the "MESSENGER OF GOD". So their actions under inspiration of Mohammed, the messenger of God, must throw some light on the warped Messenger himself and his Master Allah!

On the one hand the Muslims, when "cornered", claim Islam to be religion of peace but daily when we see the Muslims IN ACTION, it BELIES the assertion totally. How far can they FOOL the world? (Already TOO far, one would say!)

So far the BUTCHERS of I.S. have been beheading the American and the British captives and hostages. But now they have caught two JAPANESE and threaten to kill them unless $200 million are paid as ransom.

They are DESPICABLE COWARDS who kill the unarmed captives! The INDIANS know the cowards well. The COWARDS killed over a MILLION Hindus and then forced millions more out of Pakistan in 1947. The COWARDS terrorised the Hindus in Srinagar in 1990 and made them flee to Bharat. One evening the COWARDS killed 36 UNARMED Sikhs in Kashmir. The COWARDS killed 164 innocent, UNARMED, people in Mumbai seven years ago (23 to 25 November, 2008).

Thus one can safely state that by and large, the MUSLIMS ARE COWARDS. Yes, COWARDS who stone to death helpless women, COWARDS who seduce girls behind the back of their parents and public, COWARDS who behead the captured hostages after tying their hands behind their backs, COWARDS who raid a girls' hostel at midnight to abduct over 300 girls. COWARDS who do not condemn the acts of barbarities of fellow Mohammeds. Yes, by and large, the Muslims are COWARDS. Countries should KNOW this. Nations should KNOW this, and the JAPANESE should have known this when they blasted two stone statues that cannot fight back. Carved in rock they simply stood MAJESTICALLY, frightening the cowards. The COWARDS shouted "Allah Hu Akbar" and DEMOLISHED them. 1,000 years ago they must have shouted "Allah hu Akbar" when they razed the Grand Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya! The Japanese did not bother to COMPREHEND what they read, saw and learnt.

The first thought goes to the practice of taking RANSOM money that is seen from the waters off Somalia, to Nigeria and the North of Irak. For the "good for nothing LAZY bones" this is their source of income!

They are also following their predator prophet who kept busy fighting the Infidels, the Jews and Christians all this life. It was not long after his DEATH in the Holy City of Jews that his followers arrived in Hindusthan and started doing the same, KILLING, CONVERTING, RAPING, day and night, right up to this moment (January 2015). What the Japanese hostages are now facing is the continuation of this MAD MOVEMENT that is beyond the control of all the SANITY and SHAKTI at the disposal of human race.

Particularly moving is the appeal by the mother of one of these Japanese hostages. In all civilisations there is a high place for mothers, especially in Hindusthan where, to honour anything we use the prefix "Maata" (or Mother), e.g., Bharat Maata!

But this is not so among the SAVAGES who can capture mothers and daughters in their hundreds in ONE RAID and then rape them or sell them in open market. We see the Muslims punishing the women by STONING to death and the men by BEHEADING and LASHING. There is a journalist in Saudi Arabia right now, who is getting ONE THOUSAND lashes in public. That is his dignity, image and respect being a man- a man like the King of Arabia himself!

We need to look beyond the severed head lying beside the bloodied torso of a hostage. We need to think of all those "wild beasts" who will rejoice but at the same time of all those who will GRIEVE for the rest of their lives. They are the mothers, fathers, wives, siblings, close relatives, fellow country men and the rest of humane humanity. After all we are different from the ANIMALS because we RELATE to fellow humans. So what are these killers (BEASTS) who do NOT relate to mankind?

One can estimate that for each one killed or beheaded person, at least a 100 will grieve, mourn and curse, even ABUSE the man who started such a "religion", that cannot even be called a religion!

We saw in a video (see below) the Japanese Muslims praying for the release of the Japanese hostages. It is shocking to see even a single Mohammed in Japan after they BLASTED by tank fire the two sacred Buddha statues in Afghanistan, shouting Allah hu Akbar. We can only say, "SHAME", on "stupid secular" Japan to let the destroyers and murderers in. One has similar sentiment for the HINDUS who were expected to BAN Koran, and Islam, on the very day the country of ancient wisdom, spirituality and morality was BROKEN UP into three fragments.

Like the Japanese the Hindus, too, have been "feeding & fattening" their Muslim "brothers".

BELOW is some reporting as seen on AOL site today (24 January 2015):

'Islamic State Video' Claims Hostage Haruna Yukawa Has Been Killed, But Doubts Remain

AP/The Huffington Post | By Paul Vale

Posted: 24/01/2015 16:20 GMT Updated: 4 hours ago

Japan's government is seeking verification of a video that suggests the hostage Haruna Yukawa has been killed by Islamic State radicals. Released on Saturday, the message claimed one hostage has been killed and demanded a prisoner exchange for the other. However the post was deleted quickly, and militants on a website affiliated with the Islamic State group disagreed about the message's authenticity.

The video was uploaded on Saturday, but militant websites quickly dismissed the post's authenticity

Within the video, a still image of second hostage Kenji Goto Jogo appears in which the captive is holding a picture of Yukawa's body with his decapitated head sat on his chest. The audio is of a man purporting to be Goto pleading for his life.

Earlier this week footage was released in which a masked militant, believed to be the Briton known as Jihadi John, made threats to kill the two hostages unless 133 million ransom was paid. "To the prime minister of Japan: Although you are more than 8,500 kilometers away from the Islamic State, you willingly have volunteered to take part in this crusade," the militant said in the video released Tuesday.

According to the Associated Press, the contents of the Saturday's message varied greatly from previous videos released by the Islamic State group, which now holds a third of both Syria and Iraq.

Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said government ministers were holding an emergency meeting about the new message. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told reporters as he rushed into his office that the release of the new message was "an outrageous and unforgivable act. We demand their immediate release." Kyodo News agency reported that the same video has been emailed to the wife of one of the hostages.

Prime Minister David Cameron said the reported murder is "another reminder of the murderous barbarity of these terrorists", adding that Britain "stands in solidarity with the Japanese people".

Japan has scrambled for a way to secure the release of 47-year-old Kenji Goto, a journalist, and Haruna Yukawa, a 42-year-old adventurer fascinated by war. Japanese diplomats had left Syria as the civil war there escalated, adding to the difficulty of contacting the militants holding the hostages. One militant on the Islamic State-affiliated website warned that Saturday's new message was fake, while another said that the message was intended only to go to the Japanese journalist's family.

A third militant on the website noted that the video was not issued by al-Furqan, which is one of the media arms of the Islamic State group and has issued past videos involving hostages and beheadings. Saturday's message did not bear al-Furqan's logo. The militants on the website post comments using pseudonyms, so their identities could not be independently confirmed by the AP. However, their confusion over the video matched that of Japanese officials and outside observers.

Japanese officials have not directly said whether they are considering paying any ransom. Japan has joined other major industrial nations in the Group of Seven in opposing ransom payments. US and British officials said they advised against paying.

Goto's mother made an appeal for the journalist's rescue. "Time is running out. Please, Japanese government, save my son's life," said Junko Ishido. "My son is not an enemy of the Islamic State." Ishido said she was astonished and angered to learn from her daughter-in-law that Goto had left for Syria less than two weeks after his child was born in October to try to rescue Yukawa.



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Finally, the entire ISLAMIC world ought to have thanked JAPAN for donating BILLIONS of dollars for welfare, humanitarian and other AID to the Islamic world. Surely, in EVERY Muslim's home there are things of beauty, utility and entertainment "MADE IN JAPAN". How Japan has ENRICHED the people's lives across the globe, including those of the ungrateful COWARDLY killer "Mohammeds"!

But we should also recognize the manner how the MUSLIMS show their gratitude to the countries who trust them and take them in for working, living, educating as well as providing the "golden" opportunities to seduce, groom and rape the local naive and trusting NON MUSLIM females.

America was "thanked" by the COWARDS on September 11, 2001. India was thanked by the COWARDS in 1947. JAPAN is being shown their thanks and gratitude TODAY.



25 Jan 15.